2018 IALD Award Winners:
Award of Merit
Hyundai Capital Convention Hall
by KGM Architectural Lighting

Luminaries of the lighting profession gathered at Chicago’s trendy Revel Fulton Market on 9 May to honor the winners of the 35th Annual International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) International Lighting Design Awards. Seventeen projects from eleven countries were on display – including interiors, workspaces, museums, hospitality sites, and a place of worship. This year’s winners represent some of the most innovative and inspiring work found anywhere in the world of architectural lighting design.

The design of the Hyundai Capital Convention Hall in Seoul, with lighting design by KGM Architectural Lighting, took home an Award of Merit, accepted in person by the full design team: Martin van Koolbergen, IALD; Moritz Hammer, and Charlotte Cantillon.

Located in Hyundai’s home city of Seoul, this Convention Hall is designed to reflect the company’s sophisticated, forward-thinking essence. The lighting design reinforces the architectural dichotomy; the dark floor and concrete lower walls denote the strength and reach of the corporation, while the white curved ceiling elements infer the speed and sex appeal of its cars.

This space is being used for presentations, training, video projection and events. The “shell” concept was developed in collaboration with the architect to provide a dynamic looking environment. The challenge was to provide flexible, multi-scene lighting for multiple uses without visible direct light sources. The team carefully layered several different light sources, providing ambient and direct illumination with individual controls, creating balanced environments for different uses.

Light coves in the shape of the client’s logo enhance the perspective view as they get shorter towards the back of the hall. These coves allow grazing of shell pieces while hiding direct light sources within the light filled cove. Air distribution and fire suppression systems are integrated in the cove design.

A recessed screen surface at the stage is softly framed by a carefully detailed knife-edge cove, hiding the light source out of view even at shallowest viewing angles. In addition, a line of light around the stage emphasizes the ethereal feel of the space. To provide adequate illumination of the stage, larger projector fixtures are hidden in the forward ceiling cove.

All fixtures are high efficacy LEDs with high CRI and 4000K CCT. The cool color meets client requirements while enhancing the clean aesthetic of the space. A DALI control system coupled with fade-to-black fixture drivers and finely granular zoning provides a highly adaptive and adjustable dimming system accommodating the various lighting needs.

“Dynamic lines of light and integrated light features create a striking visual, reinforcing the brand image,” one judge said of the project. “This project proves once and for all that brains and beauty can coexist.”


Hyundai Capital Convention Hall
Seoul, South Korea

Martin van Koolbergen, IALD
Moritz Hammer
Charlotte Cantillon
KGM Architectural Lighting


Gensler (London)
Audiovisual Consultant
Veneklasen Associates

General Contractor
Dawon ID&C

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