A Glowing Mediterranean Meze
Haz restaurant, London

Located in the City of London, Haz Restaurant provides a fresh approach to modern Mediterranean cuisine. Leading lighting design consultancy Nulty, worked alongside architects Mailen Design and branding agency I-AM to complete the lighting scheme for the modern and quirky refurbishment of this much-loved Turkish establishment.

Spanning the ground floor of an office building, a large glass façade surrounds the building’s entrance giving passers-by a floor-to-ceiling view into the restaurant. An intimate dining and bar area to the front features a dropped ceiling made from dark wooden slats. Nestled between are cleverly hidden bespoke can downlights, positioned to form pools of warm light above the tables and bar, picking up the sparkle in the glass and silverware below. An integrated linear line of light under the bar counter washes light down the copper finish to highlight the warmth and opulence in the material palette.

The all-LED lighting scheme supports the interior design concept, which is based on the art of Turkish coffee, and the balance between the bitter and sweet or light and dark. Two undulating ceiling features create a strong design statement and look like luminaires in their own right. Discreetly positioned LEDs around the edge of the features’ white moulded surfaces create a wash of illumination reminiscent of rippled coffee and a strong contrast against the rich timber slats framing them.

Large mirrors mount the burnt cocoa textured walls surrounding the dining area and have been backlit to create a warm halo that illuminates the vertical surfaces and entices people into the space from the street outside. A soft perimeter glow that frames the dining area is achieved by uplights positioned behind the seating, creating an additional layer of light and highlighting the interior’s different textures.

Two timber walls that frame either end of the venue have copper bespoke circular disk wall lights mounted to them, creating a reflective surface that radiates a diffused light around the edges and draws customers eyes down the full length of the restaurant. Sparkling neon signage punctuates the walls and highlights the brand’s bold spirit.

The lighting scheme continues into the washrooms, where mirrors have been backlit to create focal points and contrast against the dark interior palette. Within the cubicles light levels have been kept low with cove lighting washing the back walls adding to the drama. The main circulation area has carefully positioned downlights to help with wayfinding.

Haz is a dining experience that evolves so a lighting control system was installed to enable the client to select the right scene for the right time of day, making light a central component of the space. Energy-efficient lighting was also key to the brief and Nulty achieved this through approximately 19 watts per square metre.

Anna Sandgren, Associate says, “The lighting was carefully considered to complement architectural design of the restaurant. The dark interior palette and lighting design details create a huge dose of contrast for a dramatic, yet chic, feel that celebrates the brands bold spirit and Mediterranean elegance.”


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