‘antitempo’ by The Force

The incessant search for understanding the mysteries of the universe, brings questions about the origin of the cosmos and what it is made of.
If time doesn’t exist beyond the cosmic scale and the perception of it is inherent to our senses, what does exist in the universe when time is not law?

Each second becomes eternal, millenniums go by in the blink of an eye.
Events disperse in infinity.
The forever becomes ephemeral, the sky transmutes into ground, the light solidifies.
Antitempo rehappens.

Promoting a real exchange of experiences inside a subversive location; THE FORCE brought together in last October a remarkable event showcasing an spectacle of a immersive light installation.

The installation was composed by a suspended grid with 42 interactive high power lasers controlled by a computer desktop running softwares Ableton Live and Max for Live.


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