‘Assen van Assen’ by Matthias Oostrik

The interactive light artwork Assen an Assen depicts the exchange of energy between the rural east side and the urban west side of the city of Assen. It is situated in a pedestrian and bicycle passage under the train station. Each visitor passing activates a unique play of light.

The corroded steel surface of Assen van Assen is traversed by a layered network of lines: A glossy impression of surrounding streets, interlaced by a maze of glowing channels and filled with pulsating waves of blue and white light.

The energy of Assen van Assen is activated by visitors entering the tunnel. Every visitor initiates a unique pulse of light that navigates through the network. Each pulse takes a different route, splitting and merging with other pulses on its way. In the interaction between these pulses emerges an ever-changing play of light.


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