Aurora is pleased to announce that AXiO Airspan, one of the products within the AXiO smart connected lighting platform range that is powered by Gooee, has been shortlisted for a Lux Award 2018 – Interior Luminaire of the Year.

The AXiO Airspan has been launched and designed specifically to deliver a highly generic and modular product platform that would suit applications to support connected spaces, wellbeing and sustainability while providing a form factor that compliments a wide range of building spaces and design needs.

Smart Ready Modular Design
To enable architects to meet different lighting requirements and create various looks within an office space, the Airspan can be recessed, or suspended if used with open ceilings.

The Airspan is modular in design, with air handling and glare reducing louvres that can be fitted as required on site, enabling easy assembly during installation and flexibility for client designs and requirements. It has a very low glare. The diffuse lower light levels on the ambient side panels contrast with the main lighting source, ensuring a comfortable working environment. It is a premium dimmable ambient fixture supplied with Central Louvre for UGR19 applications, which can be removed when not required.

The design of this luminaire has also taken into consideration the environment, focusing on a clean, elegant and understated look and feel to integrate neatly into the corporate environment.

In addition to its ‘Smart Ready’ capability the Airspan can be utilised for control and space utilisation / occupancy reporting.

AXiO Smart, connected platform
AXiO is a B2B IoT lighting and sensory platform, powered by Gooee®, that companies can deploy across their estate to manage building intelligence and interact with customers and staff alike.

AXiO is a B2B IoT lighting and sensory platform that a business can deploy across its estate to manage building intelligence and interact with customers and staff alike. This network of intelligent lighting will generate data to enable insights into space utilisation, energy optimisation, enhanced customer shopping experiences and provide indoor positioning for wayfinding. This coupled with the ability to know where products and stock are placed allows for quick delivery solutions harmonising the omnichannel.

Gary Bennett, Aurora’s Managing Director, says, “This is a platform that can truly deliver significant results for businesses, be it commercial or retail, and we are extremely proud to be launching it here this week. Technology is enabling us to reevaluate our ways of communicating, living, working, shopping and running businesses – it’s a step towards better workplaces, retail experiences and efficient environments and businesses.”

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