‘Captured Atmospheres’ by NaiveLaser

Captured atmosphere is a sculptural environment that utilizes real time laser techniques and physical computing to create an immersive multi-sensory experience.

Exploring ideas of perceptual phenomena as a mechanism to re-frame the built environment, Captured Atmosphere playfully abstracts and reconfigures both architectural material and ephemeral matter. Through the use of actuated materials, light, and smoke the experience is organized as a series of vignettes that create an augmented expose of the intangible.

Project by
Ana Herruzo, Jaine Sanchez, and Julieta Gil.

Video produced by : Naive Laser
Directed by Ana Herruzo and Jaine Sanchez
Director of Photography Joe Picard
Edit by Dolly Totes
Music: Etna2 by Uxuka, Disboot (Barcelona)

Project initially commissioned by The Paseo Taos Arts Festival, in collaboration with Julieta Gil. Special thanks to Agnes Chavez, Matthew Thomas, Walter Meador, Nelly Demosthenes, Jairo Sanchez, Javo Light Notes, Mishal Hashmi, Brett Phillips and Curime Batliner.

All animations are designed in TouchDesigner. Smoke machines are controlled from TouchDesigner, using DMX to Relay boards.


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