Studio N
Introducing Alexander Holler

Studio N is a new architectural lighting design studio in the UAE that provides creative, simple lighting... Read More

My PLDC 2017:
Juliet Rennie
Society of Light and Lighting, London

The best talk/lecture(s) I attended was/were….. I particularly enjoyed Malcolm Innes’ talk, Lighting... Read More

My PLDC 2017
Dashak Agarwal
Thea Light Works

The best talk/lecture(s) I attended was/were….. We saw a mix bag of talks this time. However, for... Read More

My PLDC 2017
Carl Everett, Principal
Sense Lighting

The best talk/lecture(s) I attended was/were….. Mark Major // Communicating light + darkness: thoughts... Read More

The Abbas Hosseini Interview
Middle East Regional Partner
Xero Linear Lighting

It’s no surprise to those who know him that Abbas found his way into the lighting business. His fondness... Read More

The Pedro Pinto Interview
Principal, Pinto Lighting Design

Following his recent appearance at the Lighting Design Agora in Shanghai, illumni asks Pedro Pinto,... Read More

The Martin Klaasen Interview:
Executive Member, Chinese Lighting Designer’s Association (CLDA), International Advisory Council (IAC)

Following the recent Lighting Design Agora at the Shanghai International Lighting Fair, illumni caught... Read More

The Nathalie Faubert Interview
Founder, Moonlighting
Senior Associate, CBBLD

Now in it’s third year, Moonlighting was another great success for the New York lighting community.... Read More

The Ian Cerfontyne Interview
Managing Director,
WE-EF LIGHTING Australia / New Zealand

The Fagerhult takeover, working with AILA, the launch of the Black Book, a renewed focus on landscape... Read More

Xero adds another goal orientated player to the team

How Martin Disley began his professional life as a soccer player, scored a job in lighting and is now... Read More

The Edwin Sargeant Interview
CEO of Xero Linear Lighting

Edwin Sargeant successfully ran Austube, one of the industry’s most progressive linear lighting... Read More

Space: at essence
Interview with Aires Mateus
by Leela Shanker

A moment of silence is often invoked as a mark of respect and pause for reflection. Of its own, without... Read More

The Chris Lewis Interview
Principal Designer
Lighting Design International

Chris Lewis is Principal Designer with Lighting Design International and has been involved in lighting... Read More

Light + Building 2016:
Lamp Lighting

WHAT’S GOING ON? Top lighting manufaturers explain what thery’re doing in Frankfurt this year and... Read More

The Mark Vowles Interview
Director, Nulty+, Dubai

The “nimble yet mighty” lighting design practice Nulty+ has enjoyed for 5 highly successful... Read More