• Hotels in Niagara Falls are lighting up with hearts in solidarity with communities affected by coronavirus

    Hotels in Niagara Falls are standing in solidarity with communities battling the coronavirus pandemic by creating what Canada’s tourism officials are calling the “Niagara Heart of Hope.” Photo credit for hotel photos: Stephen King (except photo of Fallsview Casino) #NiagaraFallsStrong 🇨🇦 #heartsofsolidarity #FlattentheCurve #UnitedWeStand #forglowinghearts #canada @ Niagara Falls, […] More

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    Rembrandt placed in the right light: ERCO installs the latest lighting technology in the world’s oldest art gallery

    The Dulwich Picture Gallery, the world’s oldest art gallery, has commemorated the 350th anniversary of the death of Rembrandt with an exceptional exhibition celebrating the role of light in the creation and content of his works. In a bold and innovative move the […] More

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  • ‘Patchwork of Light’ by Lara Schnitger

    Australian feminist icons illuminate Sydney laneway for International Women’s Day Patchwork of Light is an array of 10 brightly coloured light boxes, positioned high up at the Pitt Street end of Reiby Place. Boldly emblazoned with figures and phrases in the Sydney Aboriginal language […] More

  • ‘Valley’ by Karolina Halatek

    Valley is a large scale installation that invites the viewer to the pure space that recalls a glacier crevice or the passage between skyscrapers. Two white parallel walls create an inclusive dimension where the perspectives are shifted and directions simplified. This new space […] More

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  • ‘Bunny Lights’ by Titia Ex

    With its mystery, history, nature and symbolism, the native rabbit is the perfect bearer for the centuries-long intertwining of man and beast in Heemskerk in the Netherlands. She symbolizes the continuity of existence. It is a landmark in the scenery and a beacon […] More

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  • ‘Lux Nova’ by Siiku lets the light shine out

    An artificially organic microcosmos as an interactive space, where humans are centerstage in an everchanging experiential environment. LUX NOVA was commisioned by Roskilde Cathedral for Lysfest2020. The UNESCO World Heritage Site built from 1175 onwards and containing 40 royal graves and sarcophaguses, is […] More

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