Head Above Water by Steuart Padwick – with lighting by Hoare Lea
Queen’s Stone Jetty, South Bank, London
15-23 September 2018

As part of the London Design Festival and designjunction, British designer Steuart Padwick’s sculpture... Read More

‘Memory & Light’ by Arvo Pärt X Arup

For London Design Festival 2018, composer Arvo Pärt and Arup presented “Memory & Light”, curated... Read More

‘Please feed the lions’ by Es Devlin

Please Feed The Lions was an interactive installation in Trafalgar Square by Es Devlin, known for her... Read More

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‘Vortex of Light Particles’ by teamLab

The large exhibit space at Amos Rex is characterized by its distinctly curved ceiling, which becomes... Read More

‘Thank You’ by The Illuminator

None of this should have happened the way that it did. Hauling Christine Blasey Ford in front of a nation... Read More

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‘Oscillation’ by The Urban Conga

Oscillation is an interactive installation that focuses on creating community activity and social interaction... Read More

Tartu in Lights –
lighting festival and workshops

The festival Tartu Valgus, Valgus stands for light in Estonian, or short “TAVA” will be... Read More

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‘Memory of Topography’ by teamLab

This artwork installation depicts a rural mountain landscape of varying elevations. The scenery instills... Read More

Jason Krugman Studio
@New Lab, Brooklyn, NY
Open Studio & Party
Saturday, October 13th, 6-10pm

This Saturday, October 13th, 6-10pm New Lab will have its 3rd anniversary party and open house. Krugman... Read More

Italian Artist Raimondo Galeano
to Debut Artwork in the U.S.

Galeano’s Light Art Exhibit Showcase Begins October 11 in New York Award-winning Italian artist Raimondo... Read More

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‘Space Waste Lab’ by Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde announces the start of the new large-scale project: SPACE WASTE LAB. Right now there... Read More

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‘Art on theMART’ by Obscura

Obscura, renowned for its large-scale architectural projection mapping on iconic buildings around the... Read More

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‘Lasermice’ by So KANNO

Lasermice is swarm robotic audio visual installation, consists of 60 small robots. Combination of movement,... Read More

Parrtjima: A festival in light
28th September – 07th October 2018

PARRTJIMA IS A FREE 10-NIGHT FESTIVAL It’s different every year. You’re invited to join... Read More

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‘Espills’ by Playmodes Studio

Espills is a solid light dynamic sculpture. Built using laser beams, laser scanners and robotic mirrors,... Read More