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Bruce Munro: Light in the Garden, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta

Munro’s sixth solo US exhibition opened on May 2 and is on display through to October 3 2015 at Atlanta... Read More

‘Synchronicity’ an Immersive Art Installation by Swiss Artist Robin Meier

Explore ‘Synchronicity’ with Robin Meier Meier’s large-scale installation focuses on the... Read More

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Stunning light show data visualisations show just how busy UK skies really are

London 24 NATS handles over 2 million flights in UK airspace every year. Of those, over 1.2 million... Read More

Scottsdale Public Art presents
Golden Waters by Grimanesa Amorós

Since its construction in 2006, Scottsdale Public Art has worked closely with city departments as well... Read More

‘Luminosity’ by Joseph Michael

Glow worms living in caves were the subject of New Zealand-based photographer Joseph Michael’s... Read More

‘Constellation’ By Melissa McGill

A new constellation emerges nightly over the Bannerman castle ruin on a mysterious island in the Hudson... Read More

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‘Inside/Out’ Public Art Responsive
/ Interactive Light Installation
by Ivan Toth Depeña

Inside/Out is an interactive public art light installation created by Ivan Toth Depeña for the Pit... Read More

Recycle Station Light Tunnel
in Copenhagen by Gunver Hansen Studio

In Copenhagen a 50-meter long tunnel is turned from dark and unwelcome into a dynamic play of coloured... Read More

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‘Enlightenment’, Salisbury Cathedral
Magna Carta 800th Anniversary
by squidsoup

Enlightenment: an interactive lighting projection in the Cathedral’s North Porch and an interactive... Read More

Interactive Brain Light Project
By Laura Jade

Artist Laura Jade’s Brain Light Project (2015) integrates biology and illumination design into an... Read More

Vivid Sydney 2015
‘Light Origami’ by Masakazu Shirane / Reuben Young + ARUP

Light Origami invites viewers to explore the nature of reality by entering a giant 3D kaleidoscope.... Read More

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Interactive light art “Light Well”
in Lahti, Finland

Interactivity and historical findings are the key elements of the lighting plan in new market square... Read More

illumni Review:
‘The Play of Brilliants’
By Sarah Adams

I was lucky enough to recently attend the show “Lumières: Play of Brilliants”, an exhibition event... Read More

Vivid Sydney 2015
‘Tumbleweed’ Light Installation
by Light Atelier + The Lighting Guild

Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas, once again transformed Sydney... Read More

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Philips illuminates and inspires
at Vivid Sydney 2015

Philips is technology partner to seven installations at festival of light, music and ideas The same... Read More