‘The History of Light’ (Nobel Edition)
NPR: Planet Money Podcast

This episode is a rerun. It originally ran in 2014. We’re playing it again because Bill Nordhaus... Read More

New understanding of light allows researchers to see around corners

Covert sensing of objects around a corner may soon become a reality. Aristide Dogariu, a University... Read More

Horticulture, UV Science, and Circadian Lighting Experts to Present at
LRC Conference

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute announced the experts panel on... Read More

Light mixer generates 11 colors simultaneously

A multicolor laser pointer you can use to change the color of the laser with a button click —... Read More

The simple way to control professional lighting tools: ERCO introduces Bluetooth-capable luminaires

Individually switching and dimming luminaires, setting up light scenes and integrating sensors – all... Read More

ERCO at Light+Building 2018:
spatially displayed innovations and new standards for individual lighting

Light is the fourth dimension of architecture. Visitors from all over the world experienced innovative... Read More

EVOline at Light + Building 2018

“Connected – Secure – Convenient” was the theme of this year’s Light + Building in Frankfurt/Main.... Read More

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How to use your Hand as a Light Meter

Just what the title says! What if you don’t have time to line up a grey chart but want some kind of... Read More

Light and Wellbeing: final ESRC seminar (27 April)

The most pervasive, and popular, issues about light revolve around ‘wellbeing’, a term that covers... Read More

Experience the WE-EF lighting instruments in situ with the new
WE-EF app

Having generated great interest among trade fair visitors at this year’s WE-EF Light + Building... Read More

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‘AnyPixel.js’ by Google

AnyPixel.js is an open source software and hardware library created here at Google, making it possible... Read More

The IES Illumination Awards 2015

The IES Illumination Awards (North America + International) were held in Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday,... Read More

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‘Sentiment Cocoon’ by Moritz Behrens
and Konstantinos Mavromichalis

No.8@Arup ‘No.8@Arup’ is an annual competition that shines a spotlight on innovative installations... Read More

Philips connected lighting:
Illumination and beyond

Philips showcases latest connected lighting technologies at SPARC International Lighting event Philips... Read More

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Light Pattern by Daniel Temkin

A program which prints George Brecht’s 1961 event score “Three Lamp Events.” Written... Read More