UC researcher fighting breast cancer with light therapy

When treatment is working for a patient who is fighting cancer, the light at the end of the tunnel is... Read More

WE-EF provides transparent environmental evaluation of its street and area luminaire performance

WE-EF, which continues to be a lighting industry leader in its commitment to protecting the environment... Read More

‘The History of Light’ (Nobel Edition)
NPR: Planet Money Podcast

This episode is a rerun. It originally ran in 2014. We’re playing it again because Bill Nordhaus... Read More

When light, not heat, causes melting

Study reveals the details of light-induced phase changes. The way that ordinary materials undergo a... Read More

Shedding light on new treatment options for perimenopausal depression and sleep problems

Light therapy has long been a recognized treatment option for depression. But can it help perimenopausal... Read More

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2018

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 “for groundbreaking... Read More

Millions of birds die in collisions each year, but lights could change that

Millions of birds die each year in collisions with planes, and airports have used everything from fireworks... Read More

New understanding of light allows researchers to see around corners

Covert sensing of objects around a corner may soon become a reality. Aristide Dogariu, a University... Read More

A trick of the light

Particle physicists are on the hunt for light. Not just any light, but a characteristic signal produced... Read More

Bioadhesive, wirelessly-powered implant emitting light to kill cancer cells

Scientists from Waseda University, the National Defense Medical College, and the Japan Science and Technology... Read More

Horticulture, UV Science, and Circadian Lighting Experts to Present at
LRC Conference

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute announced the experts panel on... Read More

Red light at night: A potentially fatal attraction to migratory bats

Night time light pollution is rapidly increasing across the world. Nocturnal animals are likely to be... Read More

Light momentum: Researchers shine a light on 150-year-old mystery

The idea that light has momentum is not new, but the exact nature of how light interacts with matter... Read More

Light-engineered bacterial shapes could hold key to future labs-on-a-chip

Scientists have used light patterns to control the swimming speed of bacteria and direct them to form... Read More


Blue light from digital devices and the sun transforms vital molecules in the eye’s retina into cell... Read More

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