Introducing Xero Lighting’s
XTA 1.5 Series: Fully Powered Linear
Luminaire in a Miniature Profile

The XTA 1.5 series is a one of a kind fully powered miniture profile series with all the benefits... Read More

LIGHTFAIR® International 2017 Celebrates All That’s New and Next in Lighting,
Design and Technology

LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI®) opened at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia May... Read More

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The Worldwide Launch of
Xero Linear Lighting Systems

Two years is a long time. That’s the amount of gardening leave Edwin Sargeant was to spend after... Read More

Euroluce 2017
Light: The Fourth Dimension of Design, Striking the Balance between Functionality and Emotionality

The 29th International Lighting Exhibition opens its doors to visitors between Tuesday 4th and Sunday... Read More

Modern and minimalistic – the new VLS400 and SLS400 wall luminaire series

When façades need to be set in a scene, façade details accentuated, or paths illuminated near buildings,... Read More

New freedom of creative lighting design in a linear arrangement: ERCO Compar recessed luminaires

ERCO has developed the new Compar range of recessed luminaires with a striking linear design that delivers... Read More

LIGHTFAIR® International 2018
Will Take Place in Chicago

LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI®) will produce its 2018 trade show and conference in Chicago in a strategic... Read More

New Knowledge Connects the Industry to the Future at LIGHTFAIR® International 2017 Conference

The world’s top thought leaders from the realms of light, design and technology will share their expertise... Read More

ERCO & Jadecross Novemberfest!

Whilst Munich celebrates the biggest beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest lasting for sixteen days;... Read More


The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) hosted its 16th Enlighten Americas conference... Read More

Transforming the Future of Light
and Technology at LIGHTFAIR®
International 2017

The transformative powers of innovation and imagination will converge in a global presentation of light... Read More

IKEA using WE-EF technology for Canberra store

The well-known brand of IKEA has received a stylish profiling at the global company’s retail site... Read More

Floor-level, precise LED lighting
with NTY184 bollards

Wherever paths need to be illuminated, such as in parks, green spaces and gardens, bollards are recommended... Read More

WE-EF light columns with
three-sided LED illumination

The versatile WE-EF light column product range is designed to meet the many architectural and technical... Read More

Contractor’s friends: factory-sealed luminaires by WE-EF

Factory-sealed is a unique feature found in more than 60% of all LED luminaires listed in WE-EF’s... Read More