Tunable White Part 4 –
Light for Activity and Well-being by Eagle Lighting Australia

Part 4 – Tunable white products Marathon Marathon is a stylish spotlight designed for track systems.... Read More

National Library of Australia (ACT) Project

Eagle Lighting hosted an event at the NLA recently to showcase an installation which they were particularly... Read More

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Fagerhult: 70 years of Lighting Knowledge

The Future of Lighting LED For professional lighting LED is the obvious technology for the foreseeable... Read More

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Tunable White Part 3 –
Light for Activity and Well-being
by Eagle Lighting Australia

Part 3 – Tunable white in applications Create your personal light! Here are a few examples of where... Read More

Tunable White Part 2 –
Light for Activity and Well-Being
by Eagle Lighting Australia

Part 2 – Tunable White Technology Tunable White – the technique is simple The LED modules contain... Read More

Tunable White –
Light for Activity and Well-being
by Eagle Lighting Australia

A four part story: Part 1 – Tunable White technology design methodology – Natural lights for... Read More


So it’s a little bit ironic that the WE-EF showroom in Artarmon, Sydney, Australia, where illumni... Read More

Mint Lighting Design + ENTTEC add colour to Melbourne Airport

Melbourne companies Mint Lighting Design and ENTTEC have transformed the forecourt and main terminal... Read More

New 7 Year Warranty for Austube’s Greenstar LED Linear Range

When you have the best product on the market you can afford to back it to the hilt. Austube has just... Read More

Atrium hosts Architectural Lighting,
a photographic exhibition by FLOS,
where art meets technical innovation,
at this year’s London Design Festival

Leading London lighting showroom Atrium provides an ideal setting for FLOS’s collaboration with Swedish... Read More

Pantrac by ERCO. T–he Ultimate
Challenge in Lighting Design

Light can be used to change the dimensions of a room. It may sound like magic, but is based on the principles... Read More

The benchmark in the outdoor area

Emphasising the building character in a nocturnal setting, modelling architectural details and structuring... Read More

Hey Look, What’s That?
Aurora Lighting Launch their New
Showroom in Pyrmont, Sydney

Back in December last year the announcement was made that leading global manufacturer Aurora Lighting... Read More

ERCO LED Contour Spotlights –
Bringing Art to Life

  A painting that appears to be self-illuminating is a credit to the artist. Vivid intensity and magnetic... Read More

Austube’s NEW Queensland Distributor starts today!

Austube announces that QLITE Lighting will be the sole distributor for Austube Linear Lighting Systems... Read More