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’15 seconds of light’ by Tigrelab

Under the modern digital eye of fast and fleeting information, networks and notoriety, everybody’s... Read More

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‘Jem’ by Eness

Closer through light. ­ Snuggle within JEM’s comfy crochet hammocks and you’ll be swept... Read More

Aurora Airspan

A premium fixed ambient luminaire, which can be installed in T Bar ceilings or suspended, available... Read More

You MUST SEE Aurora Lighting’s
Smart Lighting solutions at this year’s
BuildNZ | DesignEX Auckland
Wed 4 – Thursday 5 July 2018

buildnz | designex New Zealand’s premier trade event for the building, construction, and interior... Read More

Lighting up New Zealand in a smart way

Aurora Lighting’s managing director, Fred Nimarota, says Aurora is one of a few LED lighting suppliers... Read More

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‘1.625 m / s2 (moon, sun)’ by Hiroto Yoshizoe

The moon is the most well-known indirect lighting known to humanity. It receives light from the sun... Read More

‘Your point of view’
by Studio De Schutter & Döllken Lighting

Aesthetic sensitivity, individual attribution of meaning and personal attitude depend decisively on... Read More

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‘SFERA’ by XAA arquitectura & MID Studio

SFERA is an audiovisual installation shaped like a hemisphere. It was built with a metal grid that supports... Read More

Effects of night-time light on internal body clock

New research published in The Journal of Physiology has illuminated the effects of night-time light... Read More

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‘(in)MATERIAL’ by reMM Lighting Design

Light installation for Llum Barcelona Light Festival Year: 2018 Authors: APDI – Michela Mezzavilla... Read More

The best light for architecture

WE-EF presents new LED projectors Thanks to LED technology, the presentation of buildings, monuments... Read More

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‘Origin of the World Bubble 2018’
by Miguel Chevalier

Origin of the World Bubble was suspended high above Oxford Circus, which became pedestrianised during... Read More

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‘The Abysses of the Scorching Sun’
by Nicky Assmann

In her new kinetic light installation ‘The Abysses of the Scorching Sun’ Nicky Assmann refers to... Read More

Managing chronic pain with light

Scientists develop new method that uses light to manage neuropathic pain in mice Imagine that the movement... Read More

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‘The Room of Inner Quiet’
by Eglė Bačianskaitė

“The Room of Inner Quiet” is a project based on the biography and work of Lithuanian philosopher... Read More