Designing a safer building block
for drug discovery by harnessing
visible light

When you reach for a bottle of acetaminophen, you may be looking for relief from a headache. But if... Read More

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‘Hope’ by Aether & Hemera

Two metre high letters spelling HOPE radiate as a beacon created from bands of LED light. The self-standing... Read More

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‘Sound Space’ by Troy Ramos

This is a sound and light installation called “Sound Space” by Troy Ramos. It premiered... Read More

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‘Digital Fire’ by WHITEvoid

DIGITAL FIRE – static light installation for a trade fair stand. In 2018, WHITEvoid designed and... Read More

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‘Circadian Light Synthesis ‘
by ANARCHITECT & Delta Light

Circadian Light Synthesis highlights the human relationship with natural light – both from the sun... Read More

Tinker imagineers publishes
Worlds of Wonder
Experience Design for Curious People

Erik Bär and Stan Boshouwers, founding partners of Tinker imagineers, are publishing the first handbook... Read More

Blue light can reduce blood pressure

Exposure to blue light decreases blood pressure, reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease,... Read More

Using near-infrared light to kill cancer cells in mice

Researchers at NCI’s Center for Cancer Research have found that a technique called near-infrared immunotherapy... Read More

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‘The Abysses of the Scorching Sun’
by Nicky Assmann

In her new kinetic light installation ‘The Abysses of the Scorching Sun’ Nicky Assmann refers to... Read More


Last night, McDonald’s Australia transformed Westfield Sydney Tower by projecting a Big Mac pictogram... Read More

Powerful catenary luminaires

The new CFS540 catenary luminaire completes the WE-EF CFS500 series. The counterpart to the CFT540 pole-mounted... Read More

‘Digital Icônes’ by Miguel Chevalier

Digital Icônes is a generative and interactive virtual-reality installation composed of a light carpet... Read More

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‘Whispers’ by Light Society

Whispers is part of Light Society’s ongoing Tools for Transformation series (2016-present), which... Read More

WVU researchers investigate how hospital lighting may hinder patient recovery

Now that Daylight Saving Time has ended, cyclists are attaching lights to their helmets, and dog walkers... Read More

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Lighting Design of Things – Roundtable

Watch this video as moderator: Alan Tulla, will have an exclusive round table discussion on lighting... Read More