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‘Inverted globe, giant connecting block town’ by teamLab

These objects of light are each independent and shine brightly and go dim as if they are slowly breathing.... Read More

‘WDCH Dreams’ by Refik Anadol

The Los Angeles Philharmonic has collaborated with media artist Refik Anadol to celebrate our history... Read More

Looking back at the AILA International Festival of Landscape Architecture 2018: The Expanding Field

The Expanding Field, the AILA International Festival of Landscape Architecture, took place at the Gold... Read More

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‘Parallel Strata’
by Nicky Assmann & Joris Strijbos

The collaborative works of Assmann and Strijbos are the result of an empirical and on-going research... Read More

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‘LED Forest IV (Traumgarten)’
by Blindspur

The interactive light installation «LED Forest» combines futuristic light elements with an explorative... Read More

‘Levitating Landscapes’ by Maja Petric

Levitating Landscapes is an immersive art installation that was made specifically for the opening of... Read More

Light Artist Bruce Ramus is a
keynote speaker for
Media Architecture Biennale Beijing

With a background in designing light shows for U2, David Bowie and R.E.M., Ramus Illumination Artistic... Read More

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‘Burning Man Franchise Freedom’
by Studio Drift

Studio Drift proudly announces that Franchise Freedom, the flying sculpture performed by 600 hundred... Read More

The Synergy of Light in Life at
LIGHTFAIR International 2019

The 30th-annual staging of LIGHTFAIR® International in Philadelphia next May will reveal the synergy... Read More

‘Memory & Light’ by Arvo Pärt X Arup

For London Design Festival 2018, composer Arvo Pärt and Arup presented “Memory & Light”, curated... Read More

UC researcher fighting breast cancer with light therapy

When treatment is working for a patient who is fighting cancer, the light at the end of the tunnel is... Read More

‘Please feed the lions’ by Es Devlin

Please Feed The Lions was an interactive installation in Trafalgar Square by Es Devlin, known for her... Read More

WE-EF provides transparent environmental evaluation of its street and area luminaire performance

WE-EF, which continues to be a lighting industry leader in its commitment to protecting the environment... Read More

‘The History of Light’ (Nobel Edition)
NPR: Planet Money Podcast

This episode is a rerun. It originally ran in 2014. We’re playing it again because Bill Nordhaus... Read More

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