When light, not heat, causes melting

Study reveals the details of light-induced phase changes. The way that ordinary materials undergo a... Read More

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‘Oscillation’ by The Urban Conga

Oscillation is an interactive installation that focuses on creating community activity and social interaction... Read More

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‘Memory of Topography’ by teamLab

This artwork installation depicts a rural mountain landscape of varying elevations. The scenery instills... Read More

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‘Space Waste Lab’ by Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde announces the start of the new large-scale project: SPACE WASTE LAB. Right now there... Read More

Shedding light on new treatment options for perimenopausal depression and sleep problems

Light therapy has long been a recognized treatment option for depression. But can it help perimenopausal... Read More

The Rainbow Bridge at Seaside Way
in Long Beach by ARUP

Reminiscent of breaking waves, this pedestrian bridge is more than a walkway After three and a half... Read More

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‘Art on theMART’ by Obscura

Obscura, renowned for its large-scale architectural projection mapping on iconic buildings around the... Read More

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2018

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 “for groundbreaking... Read More

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‘Lasermice’ by So KANNO

Lasermice is swarm robotic audio visual installation, consists of 60 small robots. Combination of movement,... Read More

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‘SAN VICENTE’ by Architect Mario Romani Features 3D-Printed Light Walls

Offered at $7,995,000 and listed with Ava Domanovski and Charles Pence of Pacific Union International From... Read More

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‘Espills’ by Playmodes Studio

Espills is a solid light dynamic sculpture. Built using laser beams, laser scanners and robotic mirrors,... Read More

Millions of birds die in collisions each year, but lights could change that

Millions of birds die each year in collisions with planes, and airports have used everything from fireworks... Read More

Light Middle East 2018 gets underway
in Dubai, featuring 333 exhibitors
from 30 countries

The Middle East region’s premier lighting design and technology showcase opens with nine percent year-on-year... Read More

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‘Sound Wave Light Wave’ by Kollision

CENTRALLY LOCATED Kulturrummet is a mix of a park and adjoining cultural activities and buildings that... Read More

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‘Floating, Resonating Spheres – Shimogamo Shrine’ by teamLab

Spheres of light float in the space within the Sakura Gate of Shimogamo Shrine. They move on their own,... Read More