New options of creative office lighting: ERCO Skim recessed and surface-mounted luminaires

Introducing a host of new models, ERCO has upgraded Skim from a range of downlights to a cohesive system... Read More

Compar – the Next Generation in workplace lighting!

Over the nights of the 23rd and 24th  of May, ERCO Sydney hosted a Compar launch party! The casual,... Read More

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iGuzzini brings lighting to the future with Laser Blade XS ‘The Blade’

This icon of miniaturisation and precision perfectly integrates with architecture  to create unprecedented... Read More

Discreet during the day, effective at night: WE-EF ZFY230 LED-FT bollards

Bollards are not only frequently used to illuminate paths in public parks, green spaces and private... Read More

Introducing Xero Lighting’s
XTA 3.0 Square Indoor Series
Linear LED with 10 Year Warranty

The XTA 3.0 series is a wide body profile that has superior optics and Xero’s patented Speed join... Read More

Compact system with a pivotal feature: ERCO Oseris spotlights

The new Oseris system of lighting tools is more than just another spotlight in the ERCO range. Oseris... Read More

New WE-EF colour changer with showcasing potential

The range of WE-EF projectors offers products with well-proven lighting technology that provides the... Read More

The small, sophisticated tool for outdoor lighting: ERCO Kona XS projectors, floodlights and wallwashers

With Kona XS, ERCO presents a new system of outdoor lighting tools designed to complete the range of... Read More

The Black Book by WE-EF
Australia/New Zealand

Every exterior space lives in two dimensions – the one of the daylight and the one of the night. While... Read More

Reggiani Yori Evo

The evolution of accent lighting Yori Evo + Yori Evo Ghostrack Bring your ideas to life with versatile... Read More

Euroluce 2017
Light: The Fourth Dimension of Design, Striking the Balance between Functionality and Emotionality

The 29th International Lighting Exhibition opens its doors to visitors between Tuesday 4th and Sunday... Read More

Reggiani Yori Linear

A light that makes a space Complement your accent lighting with soft , comfortable and diffuse illumination... Read More

Modern and minimalistic – the new VLS400 and SLS400 wall luminaire series

When façades need to be set in a scene, façade details accentuated, or paths illuminated near buildings,... Read More

ERCO at EuroShop 2017:
Light adds emotion to retail

Lighting concepts in a retail context intend to stir emotions using evocative light scenes to set off... Read More

Lace LED
by Margot Krasojević Architects

Re-cycled post consumer waste plastics LED light The lace LED is an example of 3D printed product design... Read More