Euroluce 2017
Light: The Fourth Dimension of Design, Striking the Balance between Functionality and Emotionality

The 29th International Lighting Exhibition opens its doors to visitors between Tuesday 4th and Sunday... Read More

Reggiani Yori Linear

A light that makes a space Complement your accent lighting with soft , comfortable and diffuse illumination... Read More

Modern and minimalistic – the new VLS400 and SLS400 wall luminaire series

When façades need to be set in a scene, façade details accentuated, or paths illuminated near buildings,... Read More

ERCO at EuroShop 2017:
Light adds emotion to retail

Lighting concepts in a retail context intend to stir emotions using evocative light scenes to set off... Read More

Lace LED
by Margot Krasojević Architects

Re-cycled post consumer waste plastics LED light The lace LED is an example of 3D printed product design... Read More

Technical finesse for precise light:
ERCO Gimbal recessed spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers

The new ERCO range of recessed spotlights with gimbal suspension offers a modern interpretation of a... Read More

Double award for WE-EF: ‘Special Mention’ for CFT500 and ZFT430 LED-FT luminaires

Clear contours, minimalist and precise lines, lighting technology at the highest level – these... Read More

New freedom of creative lighting design in a linear arrangement: ERCO Compar recessed luminaires

ERCO has developed the new Compar range of recessed luminaires with a striking linear design that delivers... Read More

‘Little brother’ added to the CFT500 LED post-top luminaire series

The intelligent combination of lighting technology and design of the CFT500 post-top luminaire series... Read More

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The Next Generation in Fire Rated Downlighting by Aurora Lighting

An evolution on the award winning mSeries™, the fire rated mPro™ downlight features NanoDrive™... Read More

Transforming the Future of Light
and Technology at LIGHTFAIR®
International 2017

The transformative powers of innovation and imagination will converge in a global presentation of light... Read More

‘Versitile95’ by Aurora Lighting
220-240V 40WCRI95 LED Light Panel

The slimline Versitile95 panel is a market leader, supplying a 40W LED Light Panel with high Colour... Read More

Casa Tió, Barcelona by ERCO

How can light be used effectively to accentuate the quality of fine food? Optimal colour rendering is... Read More

L A M P’s fourth annual international lighting design competition announces its top 10 finalists for 2016

Winners will be announced opening day on November 3 Vancouver, get ready to turn your L A M P on! L... Read More

WE-EF light columns with
three-sided LED illumination

The versatile WE-EF light column product range is designed to meet the many architectural and technical... Read More