Studio N
Introducing Alexander Holler

Studio N is a new architectural lighting design studio in the UAE that provides creative, simple lighting... Read More

The Abbas Hosseini Interview
Middle East Regional Partner
Xero Linear Lighting

It’s no surprise to those who know him that Abbas found his way into the lighting business. His fondness... Read More

The Ian Cerfontyne Interview
Managing Director,
WE-EF LIGHTING Australia / New Zealand

The Fagerhult takeover, working with AILA, the launch of the Black Book, a renewed focus on landscape... Read More

Xero adds another goal orientated player to the team

How Martin Disley began his professional life as a soccer player, scored a job in lighting and is now... Read More

The Edwin Sargeant Interview
CEO of Xero Linear Lighting

Edwin Sargeant successfully ran Austube, one of the industry’s most progressive linear lighting... Read More

The Chris Lewis Interview
Principal Designer
Lighting Design International

Chris Lewis is Principal Designer with Lighting Design International and has been involved in lighting... Read More

The Mark Vowles Interview
Director, Nulty+, Dubai

The “nimble yet mighty” lighting design practice Nulty+ has enjoyed for 5 highly successful... Read More

The Donn Salisbury Interview
Director, Electrolight

Electrolight is one of Australia’s leading, (if not the leading) lighting design company, (if... Read More

The Fred Nimarota Interview
Sales Director and Head of
Aurora Lighting, Australia

Fred Nimarota is well known as a mover and shaker in the Australian lighting industry. He is now Sales... Read More

The Darren Orrow Interview
Director, Into Lighting

Darren Orrow is a Director at into lighting. Judging from the amount of high profile projects this... Read More

The Leela Shanker Interview
illumni Editor – North America

illumni is pleased to welcome Leela Shanker to its team as Editor – North America. Leela has an incredibly... Read More

The Raffaele De Vita Interview
Head of Lighting
Medland Metropolis

Raffaele De Vita’s expertise is expansive. It covers a significant number of different subject... Read More

The Maja Petrić Interview

Maja Petrić is an artist working at interface of science, technology and art. She holds a Doctorate... Read More

The Daan Roosegaarde Interview
Director of Studio Roosegaarde

Artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde is internationally known for creating social designs that explore... Read More

The Kevan Shaw Interview
Design Director at KSLD

With the possible ban on halogen light sources once again hitting mainstream tabloid newspapers, it... Read More