New WE-EF LED lens ensures pedestrian crossings are clearly visible

WE-EF offers different types of LED lenses for its street and area lighting luminaires that meet the... Read More

Lighting for a section of the
German Alpine road

Bicycle path and footpath lighting with RFL530-SE LED street and area lighting luminaires in Oy Mittelberg The... Read More

Jerusalem: Jaffa Street
A lighting project which boosts tourism

Three kilometre long Jaffa Street is one of the oldest streets in the city of Jerusalem. This major... Read More

From Bondi Park to Bondi Beach –
Led by light

Visitors to Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach now have a night-time travel route through Bondi Park, which... Read More

Kingborough, Tasmania, successfully adopts solar-powered lighting solution

When the time came to improve access to one of the municipality’s biggest parklands, Kingborough Council... Read More

Lighting the way to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture

WE-EF LIGHTING’s sleek high-performance RFL540 LED street and area lighting luminaires are a key contributor... Read More

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National Lighting Bureau Panel
Discusses New Way to Specify
Lighting-Color Impacts

The incandescent light bulb is no longer the symbol of ideas. Surprisingly, perhaps, the new symbol... Read More

New WE-EF [P45] lens ensures that pedestrian crossings are clearly visible

WE-EF offers different types of LED lenses for its street and area luminaires that conform to standards... Read More


A new lighting system would create a canvas for rotating light art installations. The West Harlem Art... Read More

Reimagining the the Street –
Streets 2.0 NSW
Supported by WE-EF

The Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, in collaboration with AILA, is facilitating this unique... Read More

WE-EF’s AM-K poles and PFL240 luminaires lights up KAPSARC pathways and roads

Large-scale project in Saudi Arabia uses hundreds of WE-EF poles from the Neuendorf plant, Germany. Near... Read More

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Bruce Museum exhibit transports visitors to 19th-century Paris

Paris had been known as the City of Light long before the widespread use of gaslight and electricity.... Read More

Revolution and evolution
Design in the era of LED:
How WE-EF is turning challenge into opportunity

The light-emitting diode (LED) has given an enormous boost to innovation in the lighting industry. It... Read More

Using the Unity Game Engine to
Design Interactive Lighting Simulations:
Case Kruunuvuorensilta Bridge
Helsinki, Finland

The development of state-of-the-art technologies allows us to virtually experience future structures... Read More

Los Angeles Installs Philips SmartPoles with Technology from Ericsson

A better signal wherever you go. Los Angeles is the world’s first city to deploy Philips’ SmartPole... Read More