Today the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership opens its call for submissions for the Luminothérapie 2019-20 competition, marking the initiative’s tenth annual edition. Luminothérapie is Quebec’s most important multidisciplinary competition for temporary participative public art installations. It quickly became one of Montrealers’ most treasured winter events. Creators from all disciplines are invited to animate the Place des Festivals and adjacent projection surfaces with works on the theme of celebration. By choosing celebration as this year’s theme, the 10th annual competition is officially a salute to the exceptional success of Luminothérapie, its works, their creators as a whole over the last decade.

To mark the first ten years of the winter event, up-and-coming and established creators are invited to imagine an auditory, luminous and participatory installation for the Place des Festivals, freely inspired by the theme of celebration. Participants must also propose architectural projections for two nearby buildings: UQAM’s Président-Kennedy building and the Wilder Building – Espace danse. The primary work must inspire a sense of wonder both day and night and encourage active public participation, encouraging people to move, meet, talk and have a shared experience in a festive setting.

“From the beginning, the Luminothérapie competition established itself on the artistic landscape as a wonderful opportunity to invite artists and creative people of every stripe, with or without experience with public space, to join forces and imagine participatory experiences that transform how people relate to public space in the winter. Over the course of its first 10 years, Luminothérapie has led to the emergence of a true creative niche that values public space as a place for creating and sharing exceptional creative installations,” said Pascale Daigle, director of programming for the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership.

Participants have until Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at noon Montreal time to register; the deadline for submitting proposals is Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at noon Montreal time. All submissions are anonymized and there is no registration fee. The total production budget is $325,000.

The registration form, competition rules and evaluation criteria can be found at quartierdesspectacles.com/competition.

A seven-member jury will select the four finalists and the winner:

  • Stella Bissonette, curator, Collection Desjardins
  • Jasmine Catudal, co-director, LA SERRE – arts vivants
  • Pascale Daigle, director of programming, Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
  • Pierre Fortin, executive director, Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
  • Mikael Frascadore, vice-president, events production, Programmation d’Illuminart
  • Vincent Morisset, artist, Studio AATOAA
  • Julie St-Arnault, landscape architect, senior partner, AAPQ, AAPC, IFLA, OALA, VLAN Paysages

The Partnership has guided and supported numerous artists in their creative approach and design process. It has developed deep, much-appreciated expertise in the production of participatory public installations, positioning the Quartier des Spectacles and Montreal as international standard bearers in the field. Several works created for Luminothérapie are now part of the Partnership’s permanent collection. Because these are powerful works with universal appeal, they now delight new audiences in cities around the world. In 2017, five of the works toured to 20 cities, including Chicago, London, Brussels, Jerusalem, Lugano and Boston. Their export extends their life and provides an exceptional showcase for their creators.

Photo Credit: Stephan Poulin


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