‘Changing Light’ by Jessica Lloyd-Jones

‘Changing Light’ is a series of five commissioned public art light installations for Pontio arts and innovation centre, Bangor North Wales.

“The project has been a unique opportunity to respond to the architecture of the new building, through creative interventions exploring the interaction of materials and light to transform interior spaces into sensory environments. It has been a chance to experiment with unconventional materials and processes in order to realise unexpected outcomes. The visual impact of each work is only realised once in situ – when its physical presence within the space responds to changes in natural and artificial light. Many of the pieces created have a kind of transience about them – changing throughout the day in different ambient lighting conditions. They are in a continuous state of flux. Some artworks increase in intensity from day to night, some are enhanced by sunlight and others are interactive. It is these inherent qualities in the works that excite me; the fact that they are always changing and never look the same. The project has been both liberating and challenging, giving me creative freedom to realise whatever my imagination could come up with.” – Jessica Lloyd-Jones