‘Chicago Blackhawks Projection Show’
by Radugadesign studio

The Blackhawks open the 2016-2017 season at their home arena United Center, Chicago. Before the game, visitors went through the history of the team, and all the Chicago Blackhawks trophies with the projection mapping show created by Radugadesign studio. We are grateful for the confidence of the Blackhawks management and the ability to take a part of that amazing night.

Creative Director: Ivan Nefedkin
Producer: Irina Safulina, Pavel Popov
Art director: Alexander Abramov
Supevisor: Roman Goobanov
Concept artist: Sergey Voronov

Motion designers:
Elen Elkiev
Maxim Malakhov
Maxim Filipovich
Alexander Abramov
Sergey Voronov
Yaroslav Berkut
Andrey Flat

Sound: Veniamin Raev


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