City Lighting Hof

Premiere for the ZFT400 LED luminaire series in the historic centre of Hof

“Hof – at the top of Bavaria”. This Upper Franconian town on the Saale River advertises itself with this double-meaning slogan as it is also a top player in the illumination league with its first-rate street and area lighting. The new ZFT440 LED post mounted luminaires from WE-EF have been deployed and they give the pedestrian zone in the town centre a bright new look.

Lighting that showcases architecture, event lighting for special occasions and a sound basis in the form of modern street and area lighting – these are the cornerstones of the lighting master plan, developed by the town’s designers and consulting engineers at 3lpi, for the historic centre of Hof.

The plan has not yet been fully implemented, but the street and area lighting in the pedestrian zone between the hospital and Lorenz church has already been completely replaced with ZFT440 LED post mounted luminaires. Using state-of-the-art lighting technology, they have been harmoniously integrated into the architecture of the town centre with its many Biedermeier buildings.

The new [C60] lens developed by WE-EF delivers markedly uniform light distribution and excellent glare control, combined with maximum efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for Hof’s pedestrian precinct, where high visual comfort as well as a truly pleasant night-time atmosphere have now replaced the previous uneven and often glary illumination.

The ZFT440 LED luminaires installed in Hof have a power consumption rate of just 37 watts. Nonetheless, horizontal illuminance is achieved that is above the standard specifications. The vertical illuminance allows good facial recognition, which can also improve the subjective feeling of safety among the public.

In short, by selecting WE-EF’s new LED luminaires, those responsible have achieved greater lighting efficiency, aesthetics and safety.

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