Compar – the Next Generation in workplace lighting!

Over the nights of the 23rd and 24th  of May, ERCO Sydney hosted a Compar launch party! The casual, low key event was held in the newly refurbished ERCO showroom at North Sydney – now equipped with Compar! The guests enjoyed a selection of cheeses and wine whilst experiencing the unique features of ERCO’s latest downlight program.

Compar is a recessed luminaire with a striking linear design delivering 5 unique light distributions previously restricted to round and square celling apertures. In addition to the recessed applications such as foyers, conference rooms, restaurants or galleries, Compar meets every ergonomic requirement for perfectly efficient lighting solutions in the office space. With its sleek linear aesthetic and integrated technology, Compar offers a wide range of lumen packages with variable distribution options and design details, providing the right lighting tool for every scenario. The result is an economic, creative lighting design based on a reliable and efficient concept!

The launch guests had a chance to see the Compar in action within the new office and meeting room layouts of the ERCO Studio.  Both spaces were equipped with distinct Compar installations and presentations specific to the office and meeting room environments.  The office area featured the mid sized 12/19W Compar with silver lourvre, Wallwash and Oval wide flood distributions in 4000K for ambient light – with an additional Oval flood in 3000K for accent light.  The meeting room area featured the smallest 6/10W Compar version with black louvre,  Oval flood and Wide flood distributions in 3000K for accent light – with Wallwashers in 4000K providing the ambient light.

The diverse crowd of lighting designers, interior designers, architects and engineers were able to appreciate various examples of the Compar range and associated installation and mounting accessories.  As a bonus, at the end of each night guests had the opportunity to win the digitally remastered Lucy task light, which also featured in the new office space.

If you would like to experience the Future of Workplace Lighting for yourself please contact Tatyana to arrange a showroom demonstration at  Further information on Compar is available at Compar

Photo credits: Ian Barnes

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