‘Complex Meshes’ by Miguel Chevalier

“Complex Meshes” is a monumental projection that plunge visitors in an universe of networks. A mesh is a three-dimensional object consisting of vertices, edges and faces which form polygons, used in 3D modeling or architecture. For this piece, the use of numerous wireframe meshes becomes an aesthetic in itself. Different colored weaving patterns composed of polygons overlap, evolve and transform slowly in real time. This huge virtual light curtain twists, moves and resizes to create diverse and complex shapes. This work is interactive. When the viewer moves in the space, the networks are disrupted.

Within this vital flow, everything floats about, branches out, always turning into something else through the interweaving of multiple lines of colored light, layered networks, and varied pathways. Elements are attracted and repelled by one another, creating a breathing-like rhythm of dilation and contraction.

Miguel Chevalier reapproaches notions of flux and networks, which are inherently difficult to perceive, yet appear here with real substance. Light, movement and energy represent some of the new poetics of matter which emerge from the continuation of kinetic art.

This dynamic work reflects with poetry, flux of data and information, exchanged in real time in our world today, which weave throughout our environment and circulate continuously at an ever-increasing speed.

A film by Claude Mossessian © Claude Mossessian
Miguel CHEVALIER Complex Meshes 2017
Installation de réalité virtuelle générative et interactive
ARTREPUBLIC, 100 N. Laura Street, Jacksonville, USA
Logiciel : Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret
Production technique : Voxels Productions
Artists: Miguel Chevalier, Fabian Forban, Krista Kim, REO.


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