Dance 'em Danno. JSB launches new showroom with Hawaii Five-0 themed mega party.


Last Friday evening, the 15th February, over 400 Lighting Designers, Architects, Interior Designers and friends turned out to help JSB launch their spectacular new showroom and offices in East Sydney’s fashionable Yurong Street. The former location of Trivett Bentley Aston Martin and 90’s advertising hotspot Mario’s Restaurant, the prime floorspace provided the perfect setting for the Hawaii Five-O themed evening.


Spread over two floors there was no evidence of an upstairs/downstairs divide. Women in grass skirts and men in hawaiian garb (flushed with excitement), flowed easily between the two as did the French Champagne, delicious frozen cocktails, premium beer and wine.


It seemed everywhere your turned superb food was being served.


The dance floor was a beach where the band Mr. Wilson and DJ Silver Fox released a continuous wave of sound that had everyone riding high until the wee small hours. (The police did attend but were disinclined to book anybody).


There was even a photo booth where partygoers, wary of their ability to recall events as they actually happened, could record their participation for later reference.


illumni was invited on a special tour of the huge range of Modular, Luceplan LTS and ACDC on display and can report, that according to notes taken at the time, they were impressive.


In surfing terms this party was the tube ride of the century.


Post Party Q+A with Dudley Hewitt, CEO of JSB.

Your new East Sydney showroom is pretty spectacular. How long was it in the planning and how does it differ from your previous digs in Glebe?

After nearly 12 years in the Church, I was a bit over all the wood and wanted a modern contemporary space to better reflect the nature of our brands. We found the site over a year ago. Lease negations and DA were long and drawn out, but construction only took 6 weeks, we had just completed our Melbourne showroom so had already learnt some valuable lessons.

To say its different is an understatement, Yurong St gives us everything we were missing in Glebe, and brings us into the heart of the action.

Did anything not go to plan for the refurbishment?

Yep, the roof ! It leaked big time. I spent Australia day weekend mopping up but apart from that its as drawn and we all love it !

The Hawaii Five-O themed opening party was a huge success. Was it a leap of faith for you to approve the concept?

No, a bit of brain storming and then one idea led to another, suddenly we were booking 6 tons of sand and Hawaiian shirts. We always love to party and this raised the bar even for JSB. It helps when you’ve got your own commercial beer fridge.

It was a magnanimous gesture to invite some of your competitors?

Whilst direct competitors weren’t on the invite list we have always welcomed all in the industry, competitors, suppliers alike. We love to show off our company and talk about what we do. I hope everyone leaves our showroom and talks positively about us, having had a good first hand experience.

How was the rest of your weekend?

Big, family christening all day Saturday followed by a big night at “Empire” in the Spiegle tent at Fox Studio. Sunday was a big lay in.


To see more photos of the Hawaii Five-0 themed mega party visit: JSB Website

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