‘Dolmen Light’, Hondsrug Tunnel, Emmen by Titia Ex

Dolmen Light Titia Ex_01

Comprising: two traffic tunnels, each 235 meters long with 4000 meters of controllable RGB LED.

The city of Emmen is located on the Hondsrug (Dogs-ridge) in the Dutch province of Drenthe. About 5500 years ago, this region was the major centre of the Funnel Beaker Culture. The soil contains sand, loam and huge boulders, brought from Southern Scandinavia by glaciers during the Ice Age and used as building materials to make the mysterious stone graves (Hunebed).

Dolmen Light is based on ‘The Gold of Drenthe’ referring to how significant these special boulders are to the city of Emmen, in Drenthe. The light in the tunnel, as it were, represents the organic space in between the stones. When viewed from outside, you see the black holes. On entering a dolmen, however,  you see the light from outside animatedly sparkling  and twinkling between the boulders.  The dark areas enclosed by the light forms are the dolmens. The tunnel walls the soil of the Hondsrug. The light installation reflects the past and connects it to the present with today’s latest techniques, a passage in time.

Dolmen Light Titia Ex_02

The light program in the tunnel is adapted to the speed of cars, normally about 50 kilometres per hour. On entering the tunnel a pre-programmed palette of colours gradually turns into a different palette. Leaving the tunnel changes the colour palette again.

Dolmen Light Titia Ex_03

The programming of the illuminations is work in progress. Light effects based on animals and other organic forms from the Emmen Zoo, the construction of the tunnel is a direct result of the relocation of the Emmen Zoo, will be added coming period.


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