‘Drops’ by Claudia Paz Lighting Studio

An Interactive installation for the people in the Peru Jungle, inspires by their culture and customs. Our approach was to create different patterns with a simple lighted shape: a round drop. The tridimensional layout of the spheres will looked random but will be placed strategically to create the patterns that we design to inspired people in the different scenarios. The designs reflects the traditions and customs of the local people, the energetic expressions of the Shipibo cosmovision of the plants, the healing sounds of the Jungle and the spiritual world of the people translated in their colors and drawings.

We are able to create these amazing installations that fill our hearts with joy, because we have a wonderful team.

Concept & Design : Claudia Paz
Control & Engineer Designs : Cesar Castro
Interactive Programing : Chris Plant
Sound Designer : Neil Spragg
Installation : Mas Contratistas Generales – Fredy Cordova
Sound Equipment : Giancarlo Aita
Implementation : ARQUILEDS

Client : OPEN Shopping Mall
Location : Pucallpa – Perú
Year : Oct 2017
Video : Impetus Video
Photos : Cesar Castro


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