EVOline at Light + Building 2018

“Connected – Secure – Convenient” was the theme of this year’s Light + Building in Frankfurt/Main. At the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology, Schulte Elektrotechnik was showcasing EVOline, individually configurable and highly flexible solutions for the distribution of electricity and data on almost any scale – from electrifying single items of furniture, to fitting out larger-scale working areas, to connecting complete buildings. The particular focus this year was on the topics of local electrical distribution and wireless charging.

More than ever before, today’s world of work is characterised by highly dynamic usage patterns: whether it’s for your own desk, shared meeting rooms, or the office kitchen, maximum flexibility is essential. Furthermore, what office spaces are used for can change overnight, so the electrification systems need to be easy to adapt to different situations. EVOline combines state-of-the-art technologies with sophisticated design and thus meets the exacting requirements for modern-day electrification that brings together aspects such as ergonomics, flexibility, design, safety, and sustainability.

Effective, neat, and flexible: local electrical distribution
Centrally organised electrical installations may be considered outdated in a range of ways: they require kilometres of cabling and countless recessed sockets, mounted sockets, and switches, and this mass of material results in higher fire loads and the unnecessary use of resources. One solution is EVOline local electrical distribution – the electric lines are connected using “consolidation points” (CPs), which themselves are connected to a ring main. As distribution stations, the CPs ensure the local connection and protection of individual work groups. Where system floors are installed, the floor cavity is an ideal location for the distributors. This is good for the environment and also saves money, as the costs involved are around 40 percent lower than for a conventional electrical installation. The system ensures sustainability at all levels: as the size and configuration of the groups can be easily modified at any time, they can quickly and flexibly respond to a change in use without the need to make major changes to the electrification systems.

Always at the ready: inductive charging points
No frustrating searches for charging cables, no awkward connection points: wireless charging is now a must. Smartphones can be charged up by simply placing them on an inductive charging point; scrabbling around for chargers and chaotic cable clutter are a thing of the past. EVOline integrates the Qi inductive charging point in the intelligent Square80 electrification system as a sliding cover – providing a solution that fulfils a range of functions. As an example, a laptop can be connected to the power while a smartphone continues to charge wirelessly. When closed, all that is visible of the EVOline Square80 is the sliding cover. The electrification solution thus not only facilitates easy charging but also creates an uncluttered desktop ideally suited to relaxed working.


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