Experience the WE-EF lighting instruments in situ with the
updated WE-EF app

WE-EF Urban Lighting app for iPhone and iPad has been updated with the new features.

With the WE-EF Urban Lighting app guests take a virtual tour, experiencing the lighting effects in situ and learning which WE-EF lighting instruments are used to generate them. Guests can even get involved themselves; with interactive renderings of street and area lighting, the lighting effects of different WE-EF lens systems, for example, can be compared in terms of mounting height and luminaire distance. Further options allow guests to ‘test out’ the various distribution characteristics of WE-EF inground uplights, wall luminaires, downlights and projectors.

Luminaires can also be rotated and observed from different perspectives, or broken down into detail via an exploded drawing. In addition, there are informative descriptions of WE-EF’s core competencies in the areas of design, engineering and lighting technology, such as the Innovative Optical Systems IOS®, the One LED Concept OLC® and, last but not least, the Reflection Free Contour RFC® technology.

Immerse yourself in the lighting navigating the WE-EF city – it’s never been easier before!

Download the updated WE-EF Urban Lighting app for iPhone and iPad


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