by Lieber Analog | Tom Kretschmer

A kinetic installation created especially for the brewery‘s roasting room. Presented at LOST BERLIN Art festival 2017, Willner Brewery Berlin.

• Broken beech wood, 3 Meter
• Fragmented light by the grid of roasting room‘s ground
• Pendulum drive

Geometric, linear, orthogonal, and yet organic. A kinetic installation created for the Willner Brauerei’s old roasting room. A powerful construction in function 1882⁄1990 presented a logical location for the work.

Lit from below, the rays perforate and fragment, projecting an analog image onto the organic surface of the beech wood 1900⁄2017. Its mysterious life curtailed by a stroke of chance.

Fundamentally opposed, but colliding in harmony through rhythm and tonality. A brief association of place and purpose. A temporary illusion created by re-contextualising form and function.
A fallen tree (storm Xavier, 2017) in Eberswalder forest.
120 years in function The Willner Brewery closed after presenting its final exhibition LOST BERLIN


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