Five Dock RSL Club – Facade Lighting by Haron Robson / Lightmatters

As part of our feature on the work of the 2011 NSW IES Lighting Design Awards illumni brings you the Five Dock RSL Club – Facade Lighting by Haron Robson / Lightmatters.

In May, 2010, under the direction of the Board of Directors and the appointed Project Management group, Boden Projects, Architects, Jackson Teece, prepared the new façade concept for Club Five Dock.

As can be seen from the images above of the existing and proposed façade, the change from the existing Greco-Roman style architecture to a contemporary minimalistic design with clean geometric elements was going to clearly elevate the whole image of the property.

The lighting designer’s brief was to provide a lighting system, whilst providing a strong visual presence at night would sensitively highlight the building material used in the façade those being primarily the metal cladding and coloured acrylic vertical blades.

Another important criteria for a brief, was to only use energy efficient, low maintenance light fixtures and sources.

We have only used LED, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps for lighting the whole façade. The vertical acrylic blades are up lighted using a 34W, 3000K, 36 degree beam angle LED module. The metal clad façade areas are lit using narrow beam 35W, 3000K metal halide and the flag with a 70W metal halide 3000K with linear spreader lens. The feature light pattern on the central wide façade, is created using a standard 70W high pressure sodium flood light fitted with a simple gobo in the form of 3mm sheeted of aluminium cut with edge slot opening at 15mm equidistant. A low wattage LED amber strip was added across this same wide central metal clad façade area to add warmth and colour. Heat spacers were provided to ensure allowance of expansion between the glass lens and the metal gobo of the central floodlight. This provided the interesting, but subtle lighting effect, which is also replicated as a strong vertical element in the popular Bistro area of the Club.


Project Managers: Boden Constructions
Architects: Jackson Teece Architects
Lighting Designers: Haron Robson / Lightmatters

Luminaire Suppliers:-The Lighting Group, Sill, Endo, Osram


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