H Queen’s by Sirius Lighting Office

H QUEEN’s is a newly built 135m (443ft) high commercial complex in Central, Hong Kong where high-end shops decorated with gorgeous light and financial buildings are lined up.

Interior designer proposed the complicated glass material. We checked the sample and noticed that normal method cannot make uniform effect. Therefore,we proposed to patch the LED strip light on glass side and illuminate back panel. Also,The glass was bit green and yellow, so we proposed to paint to blue and pink.

To emphasise clear glass lift shaft, we proposed to illuminate lift shaft uniformly with RGB light. Due to maintenance issue,we needed to make access panel from public space but we coordinate with manufacture and realize it.

The entire façade consists of flat glass. Taking advantage of this architectural feature, instead of laying over dots, lines, or straps, we employed a series of smooth gradation lights to turn the whole building into a single shining box. The innocence and pureness emits a significant presence in such crowded surroundings.

Project data

Architecture: CL3 Architect LTD.

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