Hyatt Regency Roof Top Bar
by Point of View Design

Bates Smart have continued the sophisticated nautical theme from other areas of the property to the Rooftop Bar, with the centerpiece a long gleaming curved bar. A backlit lustrous top to the bar radiates warm light onto the awning above, where it is reflected back into the space. Linear uplighting interplays with the movement of liquids in the extensive bottle displays and provides a focal point for clients. The curved forms of the banquette seating are accentuated with very warm white light emanating from behind them and up the walls, while the polished chrome light fittings, recessed into the front facias, throw light across the deck, anchoring the furniture. Narrow spots highlight the textures of the ropes screening the amenities. While light levels are restrained, exquisite, luminous lamps to each table invite the guests to gather and relax in a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Warm dim LED modules were used for the accent lighting with linear LED in 2400K very warm white, appropriate for the subdued light levels.

This like other public areas in the hotel utilize Dynalite dimming systems to allow easy and smooth transitions between lighting presets from the breakfast at dawn through to the late night bar operations.

Lite Source and Control
Light Force

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