‘Illuminated Wilderness’ by Kindra Crick

Kindra Crick’s multimedia exhibition explores the intersection between the ‘two cultures’ of science and art that share a common wonder at the creative possibilities which emerge from the cross-pollination of the material and imagined worlds. Audiences will find themselves enveloped in, and invited to navigate through, an imagined wilderness of the brain within a space filled with LED-illuminated ‘neurons.’ Dendritic arms made of fabric-wrapped wire reach out to create an immersive experience of neuroplasticity. Corseted around each neuron is netted fabric that shimmers in its embrace of the memories held within each synaptic connection. This work was initiated during a NW Noggin collaboration with neuroscientist Dr. John Harkness from Dr. Sorg’s lab at WSU.

Reflecting on our need for sleep and attempts to capture fleeting sensory experiences is a series of memory-inspired collections and etchings created during Crick’s Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency with master printer Julia D’Amario the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. As a tactile extension of attempting to preserve an ephemeral experience, she includes field journal notes, a collection of woodland material, and captured smells of the Oregon coastal wilderness and Salmon River estuary nearby.

Film by: Ian Lucero


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