Illuminating Minerals
Knauf, Clerkenwell by Nulty

Nulty has recently completed the lighting scheme for the new Knauf showroom in Clerkenwell, London. Working with architecture studio Mailen Design, Nulty designed a lighting solution that showcases the internationally renowned building suppliers’ products in a new light, whilst creating an inspiring space for the design community to meet and gain inspiration from.

The large open-plan showroom is framed by a glass façade, giving passers-by a picture window straight into the bright and airy space. The lighting design supports the interior concept taking visitors on a journey through the full range of Knauf’s gypsum products. Simple fixtures have been used to create drama and contrast whilst supporting the minimalist industrial feel of the interior design.

A colourful slatted window display, designed and made using Knauf’s materials, pulls the eye into the showroom. A suspended white track of spotlights has been carefully positioned amongst the exposed services to blend in with the interior aesthetic, whilst picking up the vivid colours of the vibrant window installation. Lines of light suspended from the exposed services illuminate a large communal meeting table and create further visual interest.

Further into the showroom a series of Knauf design sculptures and plinths have been installed to display the different materials on offer. The suspended track continues above with spotlights picking up the texture in the materials below and highlighting the installations. At night a lighting control system allows the sculptures and Knauf logo to be illuminated and creates an arresting scene for people passing the glass-fronted façade.

A bar area at the back of the showroom has lighting integrated into the joinery washing light down the wall to highlight the texture and grain in the timber backdrop. Accent lighting has been achieved with the use of pendants positioned above the bar counter creating pools of light below.

A green ‘living wall’ forms a backdrop to the stairwell that leads down to the lower level. Carefully positioned monopoint metal-halide lamps wash light over the foliage to encourage plant growth and draw attention to the feature.

In the lower-level space there is a mixture of presentation and meeting areas. Low ceilings and no natural daylight meant the lighting solution had to open up the space, making the rooms feel inviting whilst encouraging visitors to move around freely. Within the presentation room triangular light sheets are suspended from the ceiling, mirroring the form of the geometric wall. Muuto pendants hang above tables in the meeting rooms casting light onto the surfaces below, and a linear cove light washes the walls with a natural white light to highlight the verticals. A lighting control system was installed to enable light levels to be modified for different events.

Anna Sandgren, Associate says, “The collaboration between ourselves, Mailen Design and the client made the project really special. The lighting solution not only enables the brand to showcase the materials on offer but really supports the interior concept, giving them a brand-new retail platform.”

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