illumni Microscope:
Jason Krugman Studio


illumni is compiling a list of top lighting, art and design firms from small to large, independent to multinational, across a range of lighting disciplines. We’re calling it the illumni Microscope. Why? because that is what we would like you to put yourselves under to identify and showcase what’s good about what you do. Today, Jason Krugman, Artist and Owner, goes into detail about Jason Krugman Studio.

What is your company philosophy?

We excel at developing site-specific work that utilizes materials in new ways to get new results. Our work blends digital techniques with hand craftsmanship to achieve some amazing results. Its a rich territory that is always expanding and offering us new possibilities and opportunities. We know that we are not going to beat out larger firms who spend heavily on tooling up with the newest cutting edge technologies. What makes our work stand out is our ability to be nimble, to move quickly, and to make smart choices in the way that we design. We highlight the exceptional aspects of a material or construction method in ways that others have not.
Most defining moment for your business?

Its hard to pick one. We have refused to obey any known business model and have stuck to creating the newest and most beautiful work we can conceive of. This strategy has led us through a series of commissions doing the most outlandish and creative work possible. Every time a new client decides to work with us, the future of our company changes, sometimes a little bit, and sometimes a lot.




Three projects you have completed that best represent your ideals?

Our recently completed Rhythm and Form sculpture project embodies our ideas and technique in working with a variety of materials. To get the look we wanted, we custom injection-molded gaskets for our LEDs and also learned how to TIG weld and form stainless steel tubing. From start to finish, we compromised on the design some, but not much. The results were excellent and we were amazed at how much we had learned and achieved.




The Digital Garden architectural LED installation we did in 2011 was our first large-scale architectural LED system. We designed, fabricated and installed it, and got the chance to work with LTL Architects and Lumen Architecture (lighting designer). It was a big and important project for us that we were able to execute in a fairly short period of time (under 6 months from start to finish). The project played a large role in defining our style and our working pace. Its modular design is something that we always push for when doing large-scale installations.







Our Living Objects public artworks is a series that we started in 2007 and it has refused to die. While it doesn’t necessarily fit in with our sleek LED sculptures or high-finish architectural commissions, it has a lot of personality. People keep coming back to it because of its accessibility and its raw imagery. We are starting to embrace it again because of how fun it is.

What is it about lighting (or the lighting industry) that really excites you?

Light, as a medium, is so elemental. Innovating and collaborating with other people within the field is constantly challenging and rewarding in equal amounts. There is always an opportunity to tell a story, not just about physical attractiveness, but about electricity and materiality. You can learn a lot by looking at how something is made. It is this process and curiosity that engages us and the people who follow our work.

Where to from here?

We specialize in hand-crafted LED work, hand-soldering thousands of LEDs into a type of mesh that we use to make our sculptures. This material is great for fine artworks and bespoke installations, but now we are also heading towards larger production runs of modular lighting systems. We are currently developing a system that will allow our customers to build their own beautiful light fixtures. This will enable us to eventually reach a wider audience and get our work further out into the world.

Business facts

Founded in 2009 by Jason Krugman. Our website is


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