‘In Transit’ by Kollision

Copenhagen Airport is expanding with a new large terminal. The terminal will be opened gradually and a lot of effort has been put into letting travellers move through the building volumes without experiencing the many parts of the terminal still under construction. Among the initiatives is a large airside tunnel connecting security areas and the new gates through the construction area. In this temporary transit space, Kollision has developed a visual and artistic concept for creating an experience for the travelers.

In Transit comments on the slight disorientation of travelling through international time zones, endlessly watching the same sunset or sunrise and the experience of visiting exotic lands, seeing only uniform transit areas. These areas are typically characterised by anonymous walkways and endless infrastructures, which are often simple spaces focused on their core function; getting people smoothly from one point to another. Without interfering with the flow, we’ve added a colorful and dynamic experience to the transit area consisting of two vibrant, reversed gradients matching up exactly at the middle. Behind the gradients, more than 40 low-res, individually controlled LED panels allow us to change the look and feel of the entire space, e.g. letting scattered dots play on the surface or coherent patterns flow through the entire space, creating a constantly changing and somewhat bewildering experience.

Kollision was invited by the art curators Creator Projects, Marie Nipper and Simon Friese, to create an spectacular art installation in the temporary tunnel and has worked together with Copenhagen Airport to integrate the installation. The installation is controlled by Kollision’s MAP software (kollision.dk/en/map).

Copenhagen Airports A/S cph.dk/en/

Creator Projects creatorprojects.com/


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