Into complete the lighting design for Galvins Dubai

Michelin-starred chefs Chris and Jeff Galvin have launched Galvin Dubai, a flagship restaurant in City Walk II, presenting a refined and social dining destination that captures the true flavours of the Mediterranean landscape. Galvin Dubai is the perfect retreat for lunch, dinner and drinks offering an elegant, sophisticated restaurant and bar setting with signature touches of Galvin’s authentic French character.

The appointment

into were appointed to work alongside interior designers Design LSM and developer Meraas to provide the lighting design for this second international venture from Chris and Jeff Galvin. into have previously worked as lighting consultants to Galvin on several flagship restaurant projects including Galvin La Chapelle in London and Demoiselle by Galvin in Dubai.

The lighting brief and concept

into were briefed to provide a theatrical and layered lighting scheme for this flagship restaurant which comprises of restaurant, bar, lounge and terrace areas set across two floors where diners can experience Galvin’s exquisite culinary creations. The client team wanted the lighting to create a very special visual impact and ambience, enhancing the spaces throughout the day and into the evening. The lighting was to compliment the function of each space whilst creating intimacy within each area.

The lighting was to highlight the plush and sleek finishes of the various materials used in the interior design. A series of stunning bespoke light fixtures were to be developed with the interior design team to provide visual impact and ambient illumination. The control of the lighting was to be carefully considered to ensure smooth and low level dimming in all scenes.

The way in which the solution was produced

On entering the restaurant the lighting concept helps to create a sense of arrival, the reception desk has been illuminated with a series of recessed low glare 2400K inground uplights to provide subtle illumination to the front of the desk, a bespoke feature pendant above provides an impactful visual welcome to customers. The inground uplights continue throughout the reception area to uplight all wall finishes throughout.

The bar area has a series of eye catching bespoke pendants located within the window line and above the poser tables. The tables within the bar area are illuminated with low glare adjustable halogen dichroic spotlights to provide a focused beam of light onto each table whilst keeping illumination to the circulation area to a minimum. Halogen sources were selected by the client team following a series of mock ups with halogen and LED sources, halogen provided the best colour rending of food and materials, increased warmth of colour temperature when dimming and sparkle on glasses and cutlery. A concealed 2200K linear LED ceiling detail uplights the gold ceiling finish creating a warm and cosy ambiance.

The bar itself is subtly illuminated with a combination of lighting treatments. A concealed 2200K linear LED within the bar nosing highlights the wooden panelling to the front of the bar. The bar top is illuminated with bespoke hard wired table lights and bespoke pendants mounted to the underside of the gantry. These bespoke decorative lights are an eye catching feature which provide a human scale layer of light. Recessed fixed low voltage downlights are situated above the gantry to highlight the reeded glass to the front, adding sparkle to the glasses within. A concealed 2200K linear LED to the counter top provides working illumination for the staff. A glass crustacean display is located on the corner of the bar and is illuminated with a cool white 4000K linear LED which provides crisp, fresh illumination to the ice and the crustacea display.

The main dining space beyond the bar is illuminated with a series of bespoke pendants and banquet mounted table lamps which provide a soft ambient light within this area. The table tops are highlighted with medium beam low glare low voltage halogen adjustable downlights which allow flexibility should the table plan format change in the future. A downlight with a deep set lamp was specified to prevent glare for the diners. A bespoke porcelain tea light holder was selected to add intimate lighting to each table top.

A cosy private dining room is situated in the far corner of the restaurant. This area is illuminated with low level recessed 2400K inground LED uplights which graze light up the textured walls, highlighting materials and providing an intimate feel within the room. A bespoke metal and glass pendant adds glamour to the room which can be curtained off to allow privacy for diners.

The monolithic architectural element separating the restaurant and bar from the staircase conceals the WCs. This is encased in a metallic finish with rounded corners which softens the shape. Recessed low glare 2400K LED uplights provide a subtle glow to this, highlighting the finishes and drawing you round to the WC entrance and staircase. Concealed linear 2200K LED lighting details within the WC ceiling perimeters provide a warm ambient glow, surface mounted frosted wall lights located on the mirrors provide diffused illumination.

The theatrical staircase leads up to the exclusive first floor bar. In contrast to the ground floor area, the upstairs space is designed to be a lively and vibrant lounge environment complete with an exclusive VIP area and private outdoor terrace offering views across City Walk. A striking central bar with geometric, brushed brass trimmed ceiling panels – is the main feature of the space, and provides the initial ‘wow factor’. The geometric brass ceiling detail houses bespoke 2200K LED profile infills to provide visual impact, this is replicated within the lounge area. 2200K linear LED lighting grazes the bar front highlighting the brushed metallic finish whilst a low level skirting detail softens the form and provides a floating effect. The back bar bottle display is internally illuminated to enhance the drinks on display. Bespoke brass LED feature lights provide the visual impact. Walls and curtains are highlighted with narrow shafts of light which highlight the plush finishes and textures. Bespoke spherical brass and opal glass pendants are suspended above seating areas to create visual impact and intimacy to these areas.

The WCs are glamourous in design, finished in dark and reflective materials with concealed 2200K linear LED details to provide a subtle glow, narrow beam low glare halogen down lights provide accent illumination and drama within.

The result

Working closely with the client team [Galvin and Meraas] and interior designers Design LSM, into have delivered a dramatic and sophisticated lighting scheme which exudes ‘wow factor’. The lighting design works in harmony with the interior design to deliver a scheme which is an opulent, theatrical, stylish design aesthetic with signature touches that allude to Galvin’s authentic French character.

into Director Darren Orrow comments “ Galvin Dubai was a truly fantastic project to work on, the interior design team at Design LSM were extremely receptive to our lighting design ideas and together we have realised our joint vision for this project. “


Project: Galvins Dubai
Location: The Square, City Walk II Dubai UAE
Client: Galvin + Meraas
Interior Designer: Design LSM
Lighting Design: into Lighting

Fitting Spec

Light Graphix – LD40 / LD43R / LD56 LED uplights
Enigma Lighting – Darklight MR16 downlights / Splash MR16 downlights / EM LED / 2200K Flexi LED- Plus with diffuser profile
Flos – Mini Glo-Ball C/W / IC F1
Bespoke FF&E lighting – All bespoke lighting by Enigma Lighting aside from private dining room chandelier by Northern Lights and ground floor bar tube chandeliers by Inspired by Design
FF&E lighting – Flos, Bocci, Intuerilight
Osram M270IR lamps
Mode Lighting – Evolution / EDIN

into lighting design team

Project Director – Darren Orrow
Lead Lighting Designer – Anthony Stead
Bespoke architectural and decorative product design – James Hyson
Project Management – Richard Bonner

Contractor Team

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