Introducing Xero Lighting’s
XTA 1.5 Series: Fully Powered Linear
Luminaire in a Miniature Profile

The XTA 1.5 series is a one of a kind fully powered miniture profile series with all the benefits of a normal sized fitting that includes –

Long life:
114,000 hours [L90 B10 @ 50ºC]
1M hours [L70 B10 @ 50ºC]

High output relative to its size:
between 20 and 45w/m

Thermally tested:
Low heat output

Light leak free:
Patent lumi-seal light leak
Free system

Precision alignment
Ease of mounting

Precision engineered end-cap,
complete with ‘magnetic snap’ cover plate

1mm incremental length:
An incremental length capability of 0.039” [1mm]

Rollerball Suspension:
Can be mounted on any surface
Flat or sloped ceiling, wall

10 year warranty:
Beyond industry standard

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