IYL 2015 Interviews:
Motoko Ishii


Motoko Ishii, Lighting Designer, Motoko Ishii Lighting Design

The UNESCO International Year of Light 2015 is fast approaching. Following the campaign to get lighting designers recognised as part of the IYL, the Lighting-Related Organizations (L-RO), was founded as a means to unite all the different global organizations related to light and lighting design in coordinating their IYL efforts. With the L- RO’s “Call for Ideas” currently running, we speak to some of the world’s best known lighting people about the importance of the IYL2015 and the L-RO. Especially seeing as the deadline for submitting ideas is only 2 weeks away.

Motoko Ishii, Lady of the Lighting Design, is a role model for all professionals and for the whole industry, not only for her extraordinary talent, the elegance and wisdom of design, but also for her passion and charisma.

Tokyo Gate Bridge

Tokyo Gate Bridge, JP- Motoko Ishii Lighting Design

She works on a wide range of project, from urban to landmark and architectural lighting, in Japan as well as throughout the world, using the color, the symbology and technology as tools to serve people.

After graduating (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music) and working as a product designer in Europe, in 1968 she founded Motoko Ishii Lighting Design Inc., being a distinguished pioneer and receiving numerous national and international awards.

Asakusa Senso-ji

Asakusa Senso-ji, Tokyo, JP – Motoko Ishii Lighting Design

During her 50-years career and still she raises awareness for lighting design, through her daily work, the teaching activity and the dialogue with all possible stakeholders.

Motoko Ishii is the President of “Inter Light Forum” which was established for the purpose of interdisciplinary study of light, as well as sitting on various committees such as Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s council and Cabinet Office’s council. Inter Light Forum is also a founding member of the Lighting-Related Organizations, since the first meeting held in April 20104.

With this brief interview Motoko Ishii brings her point of view, supporting the role of L-RO toward the IYL2015 and encouraging colleagues to participate in the Call for Ideas.

Chiara Carucci, Lighting Designer, L-RO Lead Coordinator

Light Message for Peace

Light Message for Peace Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany – Motoko Ishii Lighting Design

What does the IYL mean to you?

The light has lots to do not only with science but also with art and religions. I think it’s extremely meaningful to stimulate public wide awareness on this.

Why did Inter Light Forum join Lighting-Related Organizations?

Our Inter Light Forum, which I represent, has been working on many inter-disciplinal activities regarding the light as culture, not as just technique. L-RO shares the same principal. That’s why we decided to join L-RO to extend our continuous effort.

Kabuki Theater

Kabuki Theater, Tokyo, JP- Motoko Ishii Lighting Design

In your opinion, what are the benefits the L-RO can bring to the Lighting Industry?

To make public aware of the greatness and effectiveness of the light would bring benefits to all industries around the lighting.

Tokyo Tower Diamond Veil

Tokyo Tower Diamond Veil, Jp – Motoko Ishii Lighting Design

Which is your favourite L-RO Cornerstones for IYL2015?

I am interested in art and public interaction. To share the art not only enriches each one’s culture, but also to be the resource of the creativity for “something new”.

Do you think it is important that Lighting-Related people participate in the Call for ideas for IYL2015?

It’s very good that many lighting-related people make propositions. I believe it would bring a positive fruit for the future.




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