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Wakē: the Dawn of Bedroom Robotics


Wakē is a modern alarm clock that wakes you up with a personal sunrise and focused sounds – waking up each person in bed individually.

Why Wakē?

In the 21st century, people shouldn’t wake up in the dark, lose sleep to their partner’s alarm, or be jolted awake by a buzzer. It’s time to rethink how we wake up. Meet Wakē.


How Wakē Works

Wakē works for one or both partners per bed.

Once you’re awoken, Wakē will reposition itself should you roll over and shut itself off when you get up. You can always snooze or deactivate any alarm using the Wake app.


What Starting your Day with Wakē Feels Like

Wakē uses a warm, white LED to slowly illuminate the area around your face to gently rouse you, helping you wake up naturally and feel alert faster.

Wakē uses a parametric speaker (like a laser beam of sound) to deliver focused, soothing sounds that start quietly, and grow louder slowly as the light beam grows brighter. Since Wakē’s light and sound is aimed at you, your partner can rest peacefully while you wake up energized.


Wakē Technology

Inside Wake you’ll find clever use of technology designed around you.

Wakē’s wi-fi connected processor is provided by our friends at and Wakē’s parametric speaker was inspired by kits made available by Richard Haberkern here on Kickstarter!


Wakē has its own app that works like a regular alarm clock app — Just tell Wakē which side of the bed you sleep, and how you want to wake up.



Wakē will NEVER violate your Privacy, Ever

We built Wakē so it could never compromise your privacy. Wakē has NO cameras and NO microphones.


Easy Installation & Recharging

Wakē installs easily in about a minute with a screwdriver. Just stand on your bed and fix the mounting bracket to the wall above your headboard. Wakē runs on rechargeable batteries and only needs a recharge a few times per year. The Wakē app lets you know when it’s time to plug in the included power cord.


The Future is Bright


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