‘Konstruktur’ by YOKE

An interactive grid of 196 custom-made responsive light-sources explores light as a material for creating temporary structures in urban space.

‘Konstruktur’ is a live experiment, challenging the perception of space. Appearing as a three dimensional sketch pad, the installation works as an interactive light architecture. By inviting visitors to create temporary structures of light, the installation explores the fleeting urban spaces of tomorrow.

The installation is built of custom-made light-sources, each consisting of a LED, two lenses and a circuit board. Together they create a grid of 196 identical light beams. By using smoke, the beams of light are made visible to the human eye – almost like transforming an otherwise intangible form into a physical object.

Each light beam operates individually and reacts to movement. A camera detects bodies moving in front of the installation which creates a temporary dialogue between the light architecture and the visitors.

‘Konstruktur’ was first exhibited at KUBEN in Horsens from Oct 13 to Nov 2 2017. Taking on different shapes depending on the environment, ‘Konstruktur’ is a flexible construction questioning the definition of space.

Music in video by: ‘Reveal’ by Panxing