‘Light a Wish’ by OGE Group

Make a wish before you blow the fluff from a dandelion into the air – everyone knows this game. OGE Group’s ‘Light a Wish’ visualises the moment the seeds disperse in the air, taking your wish with them into the world.

The enlarged, fuzzy seeds – of which there are 20 in total and measure 2 metres in height – dangle carefully above the canal and glow in a way that makes it look as though they are breathing. With ‘Light a Wish’ the artists visualise the good intentions that we quietly release and (hopefully) encounter again in the future. In this way the illuminated dandelion puffballs are carriers of our deepest desires and dreams.

OGE Group is known for enlarging recognisable images or objects in their playful light installations. Previous works have included a life-sized house of cards and a garden full of gigantic, illuminated flowers.

In the old days, blowing dandelion seeds into the air was also done as a superstitious act: the number of seeds that remained signified the number of years you had to wait to get married, how many children you would have with your loved one, or how many years you still had to live. But before we can take a look in the future, we have to wait a little longer for spring.



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