‘Amour Échoué’ AI illuminated artwork by Jonathan Apelbaum

As part of the Berlin Art Week, the Provocateur turns into an artsy place.

At the exhibition Amour Échoué you will experience the “Artificially Intelligent Artworks” by artist Jonathan Apelbaum and his studio. In the artwork’s background, three screens are equipped with lights and sensors that react to their environment. The engine of each work is the viewer himself, the reproducibility is excluded. During the exhibition at our event location La Cave, the works are staged by an art performance.

Jonathan Apelbaum //Painter and Founder

Leander Rau //Visual Director
Peter Gorzo //Software Engineer
Thore Bartholomäus //Construction

Hazem Bahloul //Light Engineer
Anne Elfaza //Funding
Kerima Elfaza //Designer
Kayla Tangemann //Social Media
Paolo Capponi //Sound Engineer
Pierre Guilloux //Sound Design
Helene Fritze //Light Design

Julie Savery //Dancer and choreographer
Matilde Flor //Dancer and choreographer
Denis Thuillé //Dancer and choreographer
Eva Weibel //Dancer and choreographer


Special Thanks:
Dennis Otto

This Video was shot at the Exhibition of Studio j:a at Art Biesenthal 2019

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