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Interview with Artist Iván Navarro. Part 2/3 – Light Rooted in Darkness. By We Are Our Choices

Iván Navarro spent his childhood and his teenage years under the Chilean dictatorship at its peak. During those years, Chileans discovered that people were murdered and tortured and began to protest against the power in place. In response, to maintain order and control the population, the government created blackouts ; plunging people into darkness and insecurity without electricity. Iván Navarro tells how he dealt with those issues, and we understand how light and privation of light was a major influence on his work. The artist also speaks about two of his mentors : Eduardo Vilches, a former student of Josef Albers, who taught him theory of color and Eugenio Dittborn from whom he learned how to be a professional artist by being his studio assistant. His artistic adventure will continue in New York where he will make his first major exhibitions after 7 years of work as an antiques restorer.

Interview by We Are Our Choices

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Iván Navarro est un artiste chilien connu pour son travail conceptuel et son utilisation des lampes fluorescentes. Issu d’une famille engagée politiquement et soutenant Salvador Allende, il est né en 1972 à peine un an avant le coup d’État d’Augusto Pinochet en 1973. Dès lors, son père Mario Navarro professeur de graphisme et également connu sous le nom de Nakor, caricaturiste politique, perd son travail et arrête de faire des caricatures. Cette situation a d’abord incité Iván Navarro à ne pas s’engager dans une voie artistique. Attiré par l’artisanat et désireux de travailler de ses mains, Navarro souhaite apprendre la menuiserie. Le manque d’établissements d’enseignement dans ce domaine le contraint à choisir une formation en scénographie mais ses examens le mèneront à étudier l’art.

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