Light + Building 2016:
Delta Light


Top lighting manufacturers explain what they were doing in Frankfurt this year and why.

How has the lighting industry changed in the last two years?

The evolution in technology continues to challenge the industry, offering exciting new opportunities in product development, and at the same time challenging logistic and manufacturing processes. Lighting has become a scientific process where many different engineering techniques, mathematics and extensive study are required. More than ever, integration of light in architecture – often also in relation to other integrated techniques – requires in-depth expertise of technology, building design and construction.

As such Delta Light continuously invests in its R&D facilities in Belgium. At the same time we work closely with lighting designers, architects and engineering offices, offering extensive lighting advice and keeping our network updated with new solutions and evolutions.


What is the idea behind the design of your 2016 stand?

Delta Light loves to not only inspire with new collections, but also to surprise its global audience with new stand design and product scenographies. The Light+Building 2016 stand featured an 8m high black and copper woven façade. Full walls were combined with an extraordinary structure of woven panels, providing a unique play of light and adding a semi-transparent look & feel.



Inside the stand a 15m long – 8m high impressive atrium welcomed guests with a custom-built cluster of the new Super-Oh XS fixture. Throughout the 400m² stand visitors discovered new collections of 2015, as well as a wide range of novelties shown for the first time.



What are the attributes that make your products really stand out?

Each collection has its specific features and story. The new ranges are either about making a design statement to the environment, while other are about trimless integration to strengthen architectural concepts. Two remarkable newcomers launched at the fair are the Butler, and the Split-it Pro.

The new Butler range is the first design by Arik Levy. The inspiration for this new collection was a coincidence of different elements, and a physical metaphor. On one hand it’s a re-interpretation of a well-known archetype, the most obvious classic lamp shade as we know if for many years. The coincidental element came from Arik cycling through Paris years ago, passing by a big pile of folded paper, used to create the well-known plissé fashion classics.


With its linear geometry the new Split-it PRO and ON profiles enable you to define spaces and create volumes, to show direction, frame the room and add sharp edged detail to your architecture. Both can be combined with a multitude of spots available for specific and demanding lighting needs. Ranging from 800lm to 2000lm, beams ranging from 11° up to 57° and different light sources. All tools are available to meet the specific needs of your project



Are all these products available now and if not, when?

New collections launched at Light+Building will be available from the summer of 2016.


Can you give a couple of recent examples of lighting installations that have used your products to great affect?

One of the most recent and remarkable projects in the Delta Light portfolio is the new Bestseller HQ in Aarhus Denmark, by renowned architects CF Moller. The new office complex for about 800 employees resembles a varied flotilla of buildings at different levels, which are connected by a series of outdoor spaces and roof gardens. Delta Light worked with the architects to integrate lighting throughout the project, and meet the standards of a low energy class building.



What major challenges do you face as a lighting manufacturer in 2016?

On the product development and manufacturing side we continue to focus on finding creative, sustainable and innovative lighting solutions. Form, material and technology need to blend, as we strive to surprise our network with the next level in architectural lighting solutions. 2016 is also an important year for Delta Light to consolidate our global efforts, as we are working on both regional residential projects and complex cross-country projects. We want to be very close to all stakeholders involved throughout the project, sharing our personal passion as a family business.



What does the future hold for your business in particular and the lighting industry in general?

Delta Light’s aim for the future is on further refining its product portfolio and building brand value on a global scale, with imagination, originality and creativity as top priorities, aiming to offer people the products they will need tomorrow. Quality, innovation, sustainability and service have been the key values of the company for the past two decades, and will always remain the foundations for every next step. New materials, new technologies, timeless design and much more, it’s our goal to keep launching new collection on a very regular basis.

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