Light + Building 2016:
Lamp Lighting



Top lighting manufaturers explain what thery’re doing in Frankfurt this year and why.

How has the lighting industry changed in the last two years?

First of all, the frontiers between technical and decorative lighting are combining. LED is still the most important light source in the market and the interactivity is stomping strong because it permits the user to interact with light and the environment.


What is the idea behind the design of your 2016 stand?

The last time we held this celebration we put our trust in lagranja design to style a much cooler stand than we previously used up until then, and this year we are going to do it again, so that everyone will be dumbstruck all over again! ;)

At the Lamp Lighting stand you will find a space which gives some hints and sneak peaks at five new products. Each one of these families is gathered together in a different space, distributed around a square bordered by two walls which form both sides and three semi-open blocks arranged diagonally, among which you can move freely. Continuing the creative thread from our LightLAB in our “Headquarters de Terrassa” offices (Barcelona), the same screens will be used, made up of a variety of coloured tubes, to surround the exterior space.

The main interior wall will burst into life at 4pm with the #DearLight activity which our friends at Light Collective are getting ready. You should definitely come and join in, it is going to be amazing!

From Sunday to Thursday, from 4pm to 6pm you have a blind date. What do you need to do? Help us to answer a simple question.

Inspired by the Hold to Light postcards from the 1900s, Light Collective will lead an activity that will evolve every afternoon to create a collective illuminated love letter to light. Our favourite answers will be chosen to form a book that will be made later in the year.

Lamp Lighting love the freshness Sharon and Martin bring to lighting, so we invite you to have fun, to share some of the finest ham and wine that Spain produces with them, the Lamp Lighting Team, and with your friends and colleagues from the lighting design community. There are so many answers that should be part of #DearLight and we want to immortalise yours!

During this activity, we’ll officially present the first 5 members of the jury for the Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2017! They will take part in #DearLight with their “team” but we’re sure they will be so happy if you join them too :) Don’t miss the opportunity to meet them at our stand every afternoon!

Remember: Come to your blind date. Express how light makes you feel. Help us demonstrate how light inspires passion in people. Join us at #DearLight at 4pm!

Are you going to drop by? We’re waiting for you at Hall 3.1 Stand C21.


DearLight 01

DearLight 02

DearLight 03

DearLight 04

What are the attributes that make your products really stnad out?

The last time we held Light and Building it was the best thing ever. And now we’re working hard so that this year will be even bigger and better. We’re very happy to reunite our top team from lagranja design for the design of our stand, a space which gives some hints and sneak peaks at the five new products which we are proud to present this 2016. You don’t know what they are yet? Don’t miss a thing!


“A tribute to good design”
Design by artec3 Studio

Born as the worthy successor of the most representative Lamp Lighting bell. A tribute to good design, with a more decorative inspiration, in which the interaction between lighting typologies and accessories allow you to create different environments and convert this bell into a must for hospitality and retail.


“Just play”
Design by Lamp Lighting

The story of a tool created for the interior designer to play. A family in which the concept “Do it yourself” prevails over any other. Experiment with light and play with the product, changing its parts and finding all the different roles that the luminaire can play in the same space…


“More than just a sculpture”
Design by Estudi Arola

More than an outdoor bollard, Seti is a vertical lighting system geared to covering several formats and different forms of lighting. This system is designed as an extrusion profile in which we can insert different focal, ambiance, or pure signage light sources, generating countless possibilities.


“Light to watch and light to contemplate”
Design by Lamp Lighting

The perception of light is a sensory experience, which encompasses both purely physical aspects and other emotive aspects. As such we may understand light as a tool for meeting the requirements of purely technical and functional aspects at the service of an area, but we can also use it as tool to generate surroundings and which functions as an element which provides information in itself. Light to watch and light to contemplate. Why not incorporate both views in the same family?


“Light reveals shape”
Design by artec3 Studio

Striving for a manner in which to illuminate areas without revealing the light source, and inspired by the trace of light created by the moon during an eclipse of the sun, gave rise to the beginnings of a luminaire which shows its shape when it is lit, creating a smooth and soft-focus light which seems to have emerged from inside a line. The light it emits is clear and uniform and it begins its journey on the same plane of the wall.

Are all these products available now and if not, when?

They will be all available during 2016.

Can you give a couple of recent examples of lighting installations that have used your products to great affect?

L'OREAL_LAMP_06 (copyright Pedro Pegenaute)

New L’Oréal Professional Products Academy

The new L’Oréal academy is situated in a very important part of the city of Barcelona – on Calle Córcega 302, between Paseo de Gracia and Avenida Diagonal. The main aim of the project was to create a positive impact on users, with a spectacular place that would give a pleasant feeling and meet the functional and practical needs of a L’Oréal academy.

Its concept is inspired by beauty in general and hair in particular, leading to the creation of a special 1,100 m2 space comprising a ground floor and a first floor. The ground floor has a public programme with classrooms for training, and the first floor includes offices and a skin care area.

To start off with, several collages were developed to illustrate L’Oréal’s history since it was founded 100 years ago. The collages were made using pictures and fragments of hair, scissors and women, and they aim to explain what training and aspirations are like in the world of hairdressing.

Visitors are impressed and attracted from outside by a main glass door that contains LED lights that change colour. Once inside the academy, we find sinuous lines that look like flowing locks of hair, with predominant colours like white and soft grey, which make the most of the light and provide a neutral surface to enhance hairstyles and dye colours.

In the reception area and the counter, there is a large drawing on the wall made by hand, and little by little, curved and organic lines draw us in towards a very dynamic room, which has been designed for training, performances, product presentations, etc.

As there are many products that need storing, there are cupboards and niches hidden inside the walls of the academy. The furniture was exclusively designed to fit in with a professional training school, where all the spaces are typically open and flexible.

Another element that is worth noting is the ceramic floor, which is very typical of the city of Barcelona and Catalan Modernism. The ceramic pieces were chosen because of their aseptic material and because they resist the abrasion of the chemical products used in the academy. The basic module, inspired by the shape of a drop falling to the ground, was created exclusively by Cerámicas Cumella, who also made the roof of Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona. The pieces are combined based on three shades, and up to seven variations are created to draw faces, hair, hands and scissors.


One of the highlights of the project is the lighting. It is present in two ways: indirect white light, which shows up the colours clearly; and spotlights suspended like sculptural elements to add warmth to different spaces. Rattan lamps were handcrafted, with hair as the main source of inspiration.

The reception is one of the most impressive spaces at the academy thanks to the MAUI DECO model pendulum luminaire by LAMP which was purpose-customised for the customer. Made from aluminium injection, built-in equipment inside the body and chrome-plated optical unit formed by reflectors with 10 white LEDs WW and not flush for high visual comfort, a special rose has been added with a 5m hose and suspension to secure it to a protruding structure made of bamboo cane attached to the wall, as well as adjustable DALI equipment.

The multipurpose room is another of the most charming places at the academy and this also involved customisation, this time the white AVANT-145 BASE HIT-TC 70W EXTENSIVE PROJECTOR with a special clamp for securing to a bamboo cane sculptural structure, hanging from the ceiling, without a box and with a 1.5m hose for an equipment unit installed remotely within the false ceiling.

The rest of spaces in the academy were also lit up using LAMP products. For example, the FIL + TRIMLESS structure was used in the physiotherapy and massage training room, the FLAT structure was installed in the offices, and NIC wall-mounted luminaires were used to light up the corridors, stairs and bathrooms.

The L’Oréal academy in Barcelona has managed to achieve a balance between aesthetics, functionalism, cutting-edge technology and integration into its surroundings, which is typical of the avant-garde design of the Miralles Tagliabue EMBT studio.

Project: New L’Oréal Professional Products Academy (Barcelona, Spain)
Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue
Developer: L’Oréal España S.A.
Constructor: IC Asociados
Engineering: AGW Consultors Estructures S.C.P.
Installer: SAISS Year: 2013
Lamp Solution: custom-made Maui, custom-made Avant, Fil + Trimless, Flat and Nic
Photography: Pedro Pegenaute

daniel salvador

Reyno de Navarra Arena Pavillion

The new Reyno de Navarra Arena is a new multi-functional space created to house more than 10,000 spectators under cover.

And like all Reynos (Kingdom), it has a treasure. Navarra Arena hides in her womb the versatility of use. Not the conventional versatile of using same space for different uses, but the versatility to change the space, metamorphose of the building depending on the use to which it will allocate. The implementation of scenographic strategies allows to “allocate” Multiple spaces where traditionally there was two.

This newly created space extended over an area of 11,000 m2, allows an ingenious and sophisticated system, converting two separate spaces into one large space. The chest found in this Arena, hosts a step that can remain hidden underground or deploy its seats over 2500, allowing to configure two completely separate spaces. And for satisfaction of any manager, this deployment can target your seating in order to carry out one or other event. Or subdivided to create different environments And when it comes to versatility, the system provides multiple intermediate provisions which only in minutes are able to set up spaces for a circus, a handball match, an extravaganza of motorbikes or a great concert..


There is a particularly important element in the lighting project which is the façade. This outer skin of the membrane is the element that defines and identifies the building, thus emphasizing the roundness and simplicity of its volume and the complexity of the architectural solution, consisting of an array of outstanding translucent modules alternating with metal blind spots only altered by a series of deep horizontal cracks that show its thickness, resulting in an eerie dimensional texture.

The strategy of action in this case consist add value to both its three-dimensionality, by illuminating each cube, as its depth, by dimming the top surface of the cracks.

Cubes, manufactured by Lamp Lighting, are featured in this façade. The fitting of highly accurate specific and unique design, with corresponding louvres and lenses, lighting two sides and part of the adjacent thereto façade with a more intense light while the central face is illuminated in a more subdued manner. This lighting is controlled by an intelligent system, so that each cube is considered as a cell with independent light, creating a non-uniform, dynamic and vibrant lighting effect throughout the entire façade, giving the impression of movement. All this dynamism of the façade can lead to different mutations of the building related to the activities to be performed in the Pavilion.

The model “Reyno de Navarra” is a light-tight façade 2 x39 W Lamp Lighting, with level of protection IPX5 voltage of 230 V and fluorescent lamp. It takes a cube figure 160x160x40 cm, backlit by two lamps T5 2x39W. Each unit is regulated by a Dali system. The envelope is thermoformed opal polycarbonate UV and impact IK10 resistant. Inside there is a structure of galvanized iron accessible for handling available lamps.

All with the ELECTRONIC ignition with Dimming of light by intelligent protocol. Fluorescent lamps forming part of the APM asymmetrical headlights, reflectors and louvres included. The reflectors are made of very high purity aluminium, anodised and sealed, with photometric resolution with clipping MKA type beam in order to get the lighting effect on the envelope defined in the design.

Project: Reyno de Navarra Arena
Architect: TYM Asociados, Carmelo Fernández Militino
Lighting Designer: ALS Promoter: Navarra Government
Constructor: UTE FCC Obenasa
Year: 2013
Lamp Solution: Reyno luminarie

What major challenges do you face as a lighting manufacturer in 2016?

Lamp Lighting has made a bet for the hospitality and retail industry. The product we lanched this year and last year are orientated to those segments. We were comming very much from Commercial and general lighting, but we are convinced we need to bring more value. Design and light technique will be our strength, and those segments consider those values very much.

What does the future hold for your business in particular and the lighting industry in general?

Lighting is going to become more specialized for every niche and will play an important role for the internet of things, rendering more customized and well lit environments, which will be much easier for people to interact with the lit environment.

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